Friday, April 27, 2012

A-Z Challenge: X is for...

XTERRA, my current ride.  We bought my 2007 Xterra gently used in 2008.  We knew we needed to upgrade our aging Isuzu Rodeo before Austin arrived and we went on a trip to the Denver area that summer to participate in Relay For Life to honor my Dad who passed away earlier that year and took advantage of the larger auto market.

Things I like about my Xterra:
  • I like the power, it really can get up and go.
  • The maneuverability, it's an SUV, but is still very compact and can access tight spaces.
  • It handles well off road.
  • It has tire pressure sensors, so my tires tell me when they need to be filled, or released.
  • Decent gas mileage for an SUV.
  • We have had relatively little mechanical issues with it.  I have really only had it in for routine maintenance (knocking on wood!).

Things I dislike about my Xterra:
  • I wish it had a third row of seating.
  • The key remote buttons are way too easy to accidentally push and I have set off the car alarm numerous times when I was reaching into my purse or pocket.
  • The seat belt tension-er does not work as well when it is cold in the winter so I often shut the door on the buckle and once I really messed up the door by doing that.
  • The cargo area is a bit tight and has a funny angle so stuff rolls around in the back.
  • Car seats don't install very well as the back seat has a pretty steep slant.


  1. Very clever choice for X, Sarann. How cool to have tire pressure sensors, that's a great feature. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. You lucky duck, not only is that a nice car but what an easy choice for an "X" post!

  3. What a great idea for X. It's always nice to know what real people think of what they drive. I really like you blog name by the way.

    Dropping by from A to Z; it's nice to meet you.


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