Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A-Z Challenge: D is for...

DUSTIN, my husband, my best friend.  We started our relationship on February 15, 2003 and were married on October 1, 2005. 

This was taken the night of our first date.
Dustin went to college at University of Wyoming and I went to Colorado State University, which are arch rival schools that are about and hours drive from each other.  We were both in agricultural themed Greek organizations and one of the girls in my sorority's real life brother was in his fraternity.  Since there was not a whole lot going on in Laramie, WY, the boys would come down to Fort Collins, CO to go out to dinner and party with our group of friends.
This is Dustin's Great-Uncle's cabin in Colorado where we got engaged.
Here we are near the cabin
Here are a few things about Dustin:
  • He is from a small town in south-central Iowa and grew up on his parents farm where they raised black angus cattle.
  • He loves cars and subscribes to Motor Trend and Automobile magazines.
  • He is an awesome breakfast cook and makes fabulous omelets and eggs Benedict.
  • He loves the outdoors and hiking, camping, fishing and hunting.
  • He is a Rangeland Conservationist with the Forest Service.
  • One of his hobbies is woodworking which he takes after his maternal grandfather.  His projects for me include a nightstand, wine table, jewelry armoire, and an island for our kitchen.
  • He is a wonderful husband and father!
We moved to Arizona 8 years ago and live near the Grand Canyon, but are hoping to move back to Colorado or Wyoming soon.


  1. Enjoyed reading you and your husbands story, i did something kinda similar with "d' too!

  2. I love that I know you and your blog. You guys are just so different from myself and my life and I love getting a glimpse into your days. It's funny to think about anyone living so close to the Grand Canyon. I know it sounds silly because obviously people do but since I've never been it just seems like this big sight that people have to travel long distances to get to. Sheesh, I hope that makes sense :)

  3. You look so young in that last picture! I know that's what you looked like when we knew eachother back then but its crazy to look back st those days! :)


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