Thursday, April 5, 2012

A-Z Challenge: E is for...

I was having a hard time coming up with an "E" so my friend Brandi at Life of a New Mommy of Two (she is doing the challenge too, so stop by and check out her answers) gave me this list for inspiration-ENERGY, EXERCISE, EGGS, ELEPHANT, EAR, EAT.  So for my post I will just give my first thoughts about each word.

Energy- I have very little these days from being pregnant and having a 3 year old.  Caffeine is my friend, only I know I should limit it for the sake of the baby.  But for some reason I can't sleep when it's time to go to bed which is a problem too.

Exercise- I walk occasionally.  I was doing TRX before I got pregnant, but I had a knee injury a couple of months before I got pregnant so took a break from TRX, then when that healed I was pregnant and decided that since I took a break I should not start it up again. 

Eggs- They are delicious!  I'm ready for some boiled Easter eggs this weekend!

Elephant- I like them, they are interestingly enormous.  I always feel bad for the ones in zoos though because they can't run around like their relatives in Africa.  It would be something to see a wild elephant running free in Africa, if only I had any desire to ever visit Africa, which I do not!

Ear- Yes I have two of them, I have one piercing on each in the traditional location at the bottom of my lobe.  Not much else about that, LOL!

Eat- One of my favorite activities, especially as of recently since I am eating for two.  My favorite food is by far steaming hot crab legs dipped in melted butter, oh my mouth is watering at the thought.


  1. LOL- 'they are interestingly enormous' Lady you just made me spit out my juice and now I'm coughing like crazy and have the giggles. Yup, my sense of humour is weird!

  2. I'm giggling as I'm reading this! Very cute post....I am SO relieved you have two ears :)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the fact that you wrote on so many "E" words! Eating is one of my favorite activities as well. :)

  4. Great list! I was planning to post about elephants. :) I feel sorry for the ones in Africa (because they're not always safe) and the ones in the zoos too.

  5. Great E words, I especially like E is for Exercise. Great minds think alike.


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