Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A-Z Challenge: O is for...

See just when I didn't think I had a topic for O one just went and fell in my lap last Friday.  O is for OPPORTUNITY.  Remember way back in my C is for... post how I said:

"I love, love, loved living in Fort Collins while I attended Colorado State University and that would be the place I would live if I could choose to live anywhere."

My husband has been applying for jobs for a couple of years now since we are wanting to move closer to our parents and away from here.  There have been about 6 jobs in that time frame and it's a tough job market, especially since he promoted to his current level so quickly and is relatively young/inexperienced compared to the guys who are at the ends of their careers going for the same position.  We have been keeping our eyes open, and it has been really bad lately that it has been a while since a position has opened up in a location we would consider. 

Friday he got an outreach for MY DREAM LOCATION, his job in Fort Collins, Colorado!  The unfortunate thing about the timing is that IF we did end up getting the job, the move will be right about when I am due with this baby girl, but we will figure out a way to deal because this is a huge opportunity.  It will likely be the strongest competition of all the jobs he has applied for so far, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?  And in the mean time next Monday he starts a detail where he will be the acting District Ranger here while his boss is away, so that bumps him up even one level more which looks even better on his resume, so it gives him that much more competitiveness in the race.

So if by chance you are a praying person, would you mind sending up a little one for us?  Or send positive thoughts and cross your fingers...oh this job would be so perfect, it just gives me the chills to think about it!


  1. Oh Sarah that's fabulous news. I'll be praying that he gets the job and the timing works out with the birth of the baby.

  2. Oh I'm def praying! That would be so awesome!!! Even if you ade due at that tome..it will all work out!!!!

  3. sending you some warm, positive thoughts. Im sure it'll all work out.
    Happy A-Zing!

  4. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! I hope that your husband gets the job and you can move to your dream location. There's nothing like having positive opportunities in your grasp!


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