Thursday, February 24, 2011

We're Done

I forgot to include yesterdays update that we discovered Austin's 20th and final baby tooth peeking out of his gums this week.  We are done with teething, yes! He woke up last night and I think he may have been having a little pain with the tooth since it is just poking through and has a way to go.  I expect that should be it though and the tooth should be completely out in the next day or two. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little cowboy

Better and random thoughts

Every day I continue to feel much better.  It's sad how I take my health for granted until I am sick.  I am so very happy to be feeling better and hope I am not that sick again for a very long time!

I took yesterday off work because my Mom was supposed to be here, and my employer was offering free developmental evaluations for all 0-3 year olds in the community, so I took Austin out for that.  We were going to meet my brother in Flagstaff on Sunday and pick up my Mom, but we got a bunch of snow and decided a 200 mile trip would not be desirable under the conditions.  She is waiting and hoping to come here this weekend, but NOAA is predicting another storm coming in on Friday and dumping more snow.  Did mother nature forget that this is the desert?

The evaluation for Austin was fine.  They evaluated in five categories: communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal-social.  He did good in all categories. They gave me some ideas for activities that I can work on with him to continue to help his development like threading beads or cheerios on a shoelace. 

I went back to work today and it felt good to be there.  I can't believe this month is already almost over though, it seems like time goes by faster and faster. 

Dustin finished the bath tub replacement project this week and it looks awesome!  That was definitely a head ache of a project and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone!  I think eventually we will re-tile the floor in that bathroom because the old flooring is getting worn, and a little bit of pipe adhesive was spilled on it and left a purple stain.

I haven't been working out since I have been sick, but I will get back to that in a day or two when I am 100% again.  I also haven't really worked on the quilt much, but will get back to it. 

Dad's hat

Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh me!

I have been missing for a week because I have been suffereing from the flu for a week.  I got sick last Monday afternoon when I got home from work.  At that point I had a sore throat and mild coughing.  I developed some fatigue and aches so  I stayed home from work on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I actually went to the doctor on Wednesday because the daycare said strep throat was going around, but my test was negative.  I thought I was getting better so I went back to work Thursday and Friday, but started feeling bad again.  Saturday was the worst, I had fever, my body hurt and I had chills.  I finally broke the fever in the night and woke up soaked with sweat.  Yesterday I felt a bit better, but ended the day wrapped up in a pile of blankets with the chills again.  Today my energy is back, but my nose is still completely stuffed shut.  I hope that the end is near, I don't know how much more of this I can take!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Good Grief FB!

This whole Facebook thing is interesting to me.  I don't know any official etiquette, or if there is any established out there, but I have apparently mastered offending people. 

Back around Christmas I decided that I was going to spend less time on Facebook and was having a hard time keeping up with my real friends and family because my feed was filled with a ton of stuff, mostly updates from the game Farmville.  I stopped playing Farmville and blocked the application so that stopped all of that extra clutter from that.  I also decided to thin down my friend list.

Like most people I have various groups of friends from different facets of my life, as of today I have 215 on there.  I have my family, high school friends, college friends, my husband's friends, his family, sorority friends from both my chapter and the national sorority, friends from the WebMD pregnancy/parenting boards, moms of Austin's daycare friends, and local friends.  I also ended up adding quite a few people who were friends of friends that played FV, so I did not know them at all.  I think at the highest I had nearly 250 friends.

In making the cuts I definitely deleted all the people who were FV only acquaintances, and I used up the rest of my FV cash to send them a parting gift.  I also went through the ladies from WebMD and deleted the ones who have not posted over there in months and kept only the ones that are still active there, or that I blog with.  Soon after I made the cuts I got a message from one of the FV people asking why I deleted her, that even though I was no longer playing FV we should still be friends.  She is the mom of a girl who is in my sorority.  I have never actually met the sorority sister, she is about five years younger than me, and I sure as heck don't really know her mom. Today I got an email today from one of the WebMD ladies asking why I deleted her and did anyone put me up to it.  I would never go to a public chat board and listen to someone say I should un-friend someone for their involvement in a chat board, that is so elementary playground childish.

Since then I also deleted one of my cousins.  We have never been close and she is a staunch conservative who on several occasion bashed those who are not strictly conservative on FB.  I think that politics are personal, and I don't really discuss my political views, but would generally say that am very much centrist minded and don't condone anyone who thinks their views are the "right" ones and that everyone else should be put down for their beliefs whether they are conservative or liberal.  Last week she re-friend requested me.  I re-added her, but now I regret it.

And a few months after Austin was born I was making frequent status updates about his developmental milestones.  None of our families live near us, so it was a great way to keep them up with Austin's progress.  To one of my posts a guy from high school made a negative comment about me having OCD about my son.  I of course deleted him and his rude comment.  A couple of months ago he re-friend requested me and sent a personal message saying he hadn't seen me or my mom in years and was wondering how we were. 

Maybe it is just me, but I don't think I would even know if someone deleted me as a friend.  I did have a girl from the tribe I work for delete me, but she also worked for me and I can understand the awkwardness of having your boss on there.  I really can't imagine that if I discovered someone who barely knew me deleted me, it would cause me any grief, and I definitely would not re-friend request them.  I think I will be more careful and selective about who I allow into my FB inner circle from now on!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

More cakes

While I was going through my old box of photos I came across more pictures of the cakes I have done in the past.










Since around Christmas I have resolved to stop playing so much on Facebook and work more on my hobbies, especially Austin’s quilt.  So I am pleased to announce and share that I have made quite a bit of progress since the new year.
In the past I have made quilts for all 7 of my nephews and nieces.  I tried to find photos of all of them, but they were all pre-digital photography, so I had to go through my old box of photos in the closet and only came up with two of them.  If I find the others I will post them later.

IMG_0001 IMG_0002

The first one is RJ’s with a “Sun Bonnet Sue” design with applique dolls and center flower.  The second is JB’s and had appliqued trains.  JA’s quilt I did at the same time so his is also appliqued trains.  JC’s was first and it was embroidered zoo animal motifs and I hand quilted it.  JP’s was embroidered Disney characters and I got them from a coloring book.  AE’s was an appliqued butterfly quilt and JD’s was an appliqued farm scene.  The last six were all machine quilted.

Here is the pattern I am using for Austin’s quilt:


It will have all farm theme pieces.  Here are the ones I have finished appliqueing and I am hand embroidering around each one.


I have not pieced together any of the quilt pieces, but I laid them out so you can see the Earth tone colors that I chose:


My next square I have appliqued and will start embroidering it and it’s a cow.  I will also do a tractor, combine, sheep, and some sort of crop representation.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Home makeover shenanigans!

We have a few home makeover projects in the works right now, it seems like it is always something.

Our house was yellow when we bought it in March of 2005 and it faded in the blazing Arizona sun over the first five years we were there to an ugly and drab off white.  Last fall we decided it was time to update the exterior.  My husband and I both love blue so we went with that.  We were in a bit of a rush when we picked the colors because we left Austin with friends for the night and wanted to get back to him, so we made the decision pretty fast.  I think my husband had a darker blue in mind (which I though would absorb too much of our AZ sun) and I had a light blue, so we ended up with bluer that blue which is a pretty bright blue.  We have gotten used to it now, but at first we both were thinking "what were we thinking?" since it was so bright. We have gotten several compliments on it since then, but you never know if it's honest, or just trying to comment on it and being polite.  The cold weather settled in on us before we could finish painting the white trim and outer buildings, but now that we are warming up we are working on finishing it up.

On to project #2.  So first a little history- when we bought our house we REALLY wanted to live on the AZ side of things because we both work in AZ so it made more sense for income tax, and well, I really dislike UT.  There were three houses on the market in our tiny little town.  We made an offer on the first one, which had been on the market for four months, and they withdrew the house because it was their weekender from Salt Lake City and they decided to keep it after all.  We made an offer on our #2 house, which had been on the market for a year, and they withdrew it because it was an elderly couple and the wife wanted to move closer to their kids, but the husband did not ever really want to move.  The third house was stick built, but it was a piece.  It looked like it was built in three phases, each looking uniquely different and each having it's own heating system of which one didn't really seem to work and the others were sketchy.  There was cracking in the walls where the foundation was shifting, and there was termite damage, needless to say it was a nightmare, so we of course passed it over.  We drove around one last time in desperation knowing we had to move relatively quickly out of our rental.  Then we spotted the new "For Sale" sign in what is now our front yard.  We looked it over and it seemed like a nice place at the time, especially since we were first time buyers, and desperate!

So our house was originally a modular pre-fab home with three beds and two baths.  The people we bought it from took out one of the original bedrooms to expand the living room, and built on a stick built addition that adds two bedroom, a bath and a formal dining room.  It's about 1700 sq-ft on 0.44 acre, so we have a pretty huge yard.  I have never lived in pre-fab house before, so it's all new to me.  So my big lesson that I learned this month is that mobile/modular homes have their own sizing on just about everything.  Meaning you CANNOT go to Lowe's to buy a bathtub to replace one in your house.

Now you see where I am going with this disaster, one of our original tubs in the modular part of the house developed a crack right in the middle of the floor of the tub.  My husband tried epoxy and silicone and other repair stuff to no avail.  The standard tub that comes in these kinds of homes is ABS plastic, aka garbage!  It commonly cracks, and you cannot repair it.  But as I said in the previous paragraph, you can't find a replacement at a regular hardware store.  I did not know this so I suggested to my husband that we just go buy one for $200 and wah-la replace it.  Oh silly me!  Oh and let me say that after we realized the new tub was not going to easily fit, I looked into purchasing a second tub with the right dimensions, but it was $260 and we would either have to have it shipped (which cost about as much as the tub) or go to Phoenix (6 hours away) to pick it up.  So we have worked and worked to try and get that dang thing in and had to mostly cut out the original walls of our bathroom.  Finally after much stress and frustration we hired a plumber to come in and make it work.  And work on it he did, and for the past week and half (not continuously of course).  He finally figured out a solution to install it and make it work $180 later, and that was after he did not charge us for a lot of his time because he could not figure it out!

So tomorrow we are off to the big city once again to buy new bath/shower walls to cover the holes, a new track to set the edge of the tub in and tiles to re-cover the floor since the new tub left a one inch gap from where the old tub rested.  Ugh, how did this simple seeming project turn into almost a $1,000 renovation?

We could just put up regular gutters, but the seamless ones seem so much more functional.  The problem is there is only one contractor we know of locally who does them, and my husband tried calling them last year for an estimate and they never returned his call.  We did not actively try to pursue them, so hopefully with a little more effort we can talk to them.

All of this makes me want to move so much more.  We are still looking for jobs for my husband, but so far nothing has panned out.  What I know for sure is that I never ever want to buy another pre-fab, they are such a hassle!

The Challenge

I am not weighing in this week, I will wait until next Friday.

For exercise this week:
Sunday I rode the exercise bicycle for 20 minutes.
Tuesday I did two pilates workouts from the Caribbean Workout video.
Wednesday I attempted to ride the bicycle, but Austin woke up from his nap so I only rode about 8 minutes.
Thursday I did TRX at work.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Last weekends fever was brought to us by...

Tooth number 19!  Starting Saturday night Austin woke up at 10:00pm and was on fire.  He was around 102.  Then the rest of the weekend through Monday he had on again off again fever.  The problem this time was he kept refusing to take the ibuprofen, oh silly toddler!  Tuesday night Dustin was brushing A's teeth and spotted the top left molar and last night I got a quick peek at it.  19 down, 1 to go- I will not miss this phase with him!

I think when he is teething it suppresses his immune system and he gets whatever viral crap is going around.  Even though the tooth is out now his nose has been pouring and last night it drained into his throat/lungs and he was up often choking it out.   I am keeping him home today for extra rest and lovins.

At 10:00 last night I went in to his room and set up a humidifier.  I also tried putting a small pillow under his mattress to prop up his head.  I brought him out and gave him a teaspoon of honey.  So I think the honey gave him a sugar high, seriously this kid was buzzing around the living room giggling until midnight.  Then when I finally put him to bed I heard him in there carrying on so I went to check it out and he was playing around on the elevated mattress and using it to try and reach his Thomas the Train wall decoration.  I yanked the pillow and made him sleep flat so of course he was up coughing and choking.  Poor kid, we are staying home today to rest and recuperate.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Aloha Friday

My question:

What is your favorite way to exercise/lose weight?

My last post talks about my plans to get in shape and lose weight.  I think my favorite way to work out is to swim, especially since I have bad knees and swimming puts more of the focus on my arms.  To bad that where I live there are only outdoor pools so my swimming is limited to June-August!

If you would like to participate in Aloha Friday head on over to An Island Life and link up!

The Challenge

I have been wanting to work on getting into shape lately and my employer just started up a new fitness program called The Challenge.  Basically everyone who wants to participate signs up and they weigh you in.  They wanted to focus on BMI, but it's just calculated from your height and weight, and you can't really change your height so it's just another way of tracking your weight.  The contest goes until April and you just have them check your weight every week or so.  In the end there are prizes, but they didn't really specify how they are deciding the categories. 

I really want to keep at exercising and trying to cut back on eating junk food, so I'm periodically going to post about my progress to give myself the incentive to stick with it.  It's called accountability!

So it's confession time:
My starting BMI is 25.6, which just puts me in the overweight category.  My goal is to get down into the normal range, but ultimately to feel better and have more strength and energy.  I feel like BMI is hard for me because I have a big boned frame and I think I would probably always be at the upper end of the BMI scale categories because of it.  It would be nice if there was some way to account for frame size.

A side consideration is at my last physical the doctor also recommended that if I plan to have another baby in the future that I should drop some weight.  We are not in a big hurry for that, but it is our goal for the future.  Although I have to admit that unlike most, having Austin actually made me lose weight.  My pre-pregnancy weight was 170, which was way too much and makes me sick to think I got that lazy and big!  I got up to just under 200 at the end of my pregnancy.  I pretty much came home from the hospital back at 170, and with breastfeeding got down to 140.  At that point I looked really skinny and people were worried about me.  Since I stopped breastfeeding I have been inching back up and am currently at 154.  I would ultimately like to be back down around 145. 

I have to be careful about what I do for exercise because I was is a bad car accident when I was 11 that knocked out my PCL in my right knee.  All through middle and high school I participated in sports as part of my rehab, not knowing I was missing that ligament until my senior year.  I was on swim team and was kicking with paddles when I felt a huge pop in my knee.  I went to an orthopedic surgeon who had me get an MRI to see that the ligament was gone.  Going all that time with my knee out of alignment tore up everything in there so the week after I graduated they scoped it and removed all the cartilage and meniscus. So basically I am not supposed to run or do any high impact activities. 

This week I started to work out. With the new schedule I talked about in my previous post I am able to workout in the afternoon while Austin naps.  On Monday I rode our exercise bicycle for 20 minutes.  Wednesday I did two pilates workouts from The Carribean Workout video.  Yesterday I attended a class through my work to do a TRX workout.  It is a strange workout, they call it suspension training, where you lean against ropes and use your body weight for resistance, and it's kind of like pilates in that it doesn't feel like you are doing a whole lot, but your body aches afterward.  Today I did a 3 mile power walk. 

I am also trying to cut back on snacking, and trying to eat healthier.  I love Mountain Dew and Coke, but am trying to limit my pop consumption and instead limiting myself to 1 cup of coffee, ice tea sweetened with Splenda, skim milk, and of course water.  I also try to buy things that are low-fat or no-fat, especially now that Austin is over 2 and no longer needs the extra fat. 

I hope that my rambling about this doesn't scare anyone away.  I will label any post about this as "The Challenge" so you can skip it if you are not interested, but I think by updating on here it will hold me accountable and I will reach my goal.