Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Better and random thoughts

Every day I continue to feel much better.  It's sad how I take my health for granted until I am sick.  I am so very happy to be feeling better and hope I am not that sick again for a very long time!

I took yesterday off work because my Mom was supposed to be here, and my employer was offering free developmental evaluations for all 0-3 year olds in the community, so I took Austin out for that.  We were going to meet my brother in Flagstaff on Sunday and pick up my Mom, but we got a bunch of snow and decided a 200 mile trip would not be desirable under the conditions.  She is waiting and hoping to come here this weekend, but NOAA is predicting another storm coming in on Friday and dumping more snow.  Did mother nature forget that this is the desert?

The evaluation for Austin was fine.  They evaluated in five categories: communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal-social.  He did good in all categories. They gave me some ideas for activities that I can work on with him to continue to help his development like threading beads or cheerios on a shoelace. 

I went back to work today and it felt good to be there.  I can't believe this month is already almost over though, it seems like time goes by faster and faster. 

Dustin finished the bath tub replacement project this week and it looks awesome!  That was definitely a head ache of a project and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone!  I think eventually we will re-tile the floor in that bathroom because the old flooring is getting worn, and a little bit of pipe adhesive was spilled on it and left a purple stain.

I haven't been working out since I have been sick, but I will get back to that in a day or two when I am 100% again.  I also haven't really worked on the quilt much, but will get back to it. 

Dad's hat


  1. Sorry your mom hasn't been able to come! I am hoping it stops snowing soon too...we are also supposed to get a big storm. I really don't want it to storm next weekend when we are supposed to leave!

  2. Glad you are feeling better! We have --err-- my husband has replaced three bathtubs since we have been together... All of them Cast iron. Not a fun project. Glad it is over! I hope your mom gets to visit soon.... and mostly that all this snow BS goes away soon! LOL


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