Friday, February 4, 2011

Aloha Friday

My question:

What is your favorite way to exercise/lose weight?

My last post talks about my plans to get in shape and lose weight.  I think my favorite way to work out is to swim, especially since I have bad knees and swimming puts more of the focus on my arms.  To bad that where I live there are only outdoor pools so my swimming is limited to June-August!

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  1. I love my Biggest Loser Bootcamp dvd as well as going to the YMCA to work out.

    I use spark people for my diet.

  2. I enjoy walking or a daily work out with EA Sports.

  3. Thanks for stopping by & I'm already a follower. Hmmm I went on a no white diet back in 98' & exercised during the news at 9 p.m. I did 10 sit ups,a twist touch my toes sitting on the floor, & lifted ea. leg then both legs 10x. Gradually I picked up the amount. I started in October (I was 198 & by June I was 150, and kept it off for 3 yrs. Then I quit smoking, plus I fell off my brother's porch & screwed up my back & broke my foot. I now have Spinal Stenosis & I do water aerobics now. It's helping, but very slowly. Yes, I put all the weight back on plus a few more. I contribute it too stop smoking & couldn't exercise. :( Good Luck! You have to decide you really want to do it first though!

  4. Hi Sarah! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for being a follower, so sweet!!! :)

    I just started exercising for REAL for the first time in 6 years!!! I am training to "jog" not run, and I am feeling great! It is starting to pay off as last night at girls night out, two friends told me my tummy looked a bit flatter!! That is worth it all to me!

    Good luck to you and can't wait to read some more of you posts!!


  5. I rarely do it but I like the musical dances.

    Or jump rope,

    bike riding etc

    Aloha and good luck!

  6. Spencermejg is really Pemberley Court! Had a little issue with my log in!


    P.S. your little guy is sooooo cute!!

  7. It really is coming! I typed it in Word and it's eight pages long! Haha, hence why it's taken me a while to write it and post it. I'm excited to share it; thank you for wanting to hear it!

    Your boy is PRECIOUS!! I love dancing as a workout. :)


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