Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Last weekends fever was brought to us by...

Tooth number 19!  Starting Saturday night Austin woke up at 10:00pm and was on fire.  He was around 102.  Then the rest of the weekend through Monday he had on again off again fever.  The problem this time was he kept refusing to take the ibuprofen, oh silly toddler!  Tuesday night Dustin was brushing A's teeth and spotted the top left molar and last night I got a quick peek at it.  19 down, 1 to go- I will not miss this phase with him!

I think when he is teething it suppresses his immune system and he gets whatever viral crap is going around.  Even though the tooth is out now his nose has been pouring and last night it drained into his throat/lungs and he was up often choking it out.   I am keeping him home today for extra rest and lovins.

At 10:00 last night I went in to his room and set up a humidifier.  I also tried putting a small pillow under his mattress to prop up his head.  I brought him out and gave him a teaspoon of honey.  So I think the honey gave him a sugar high, seriously this kid was buzzing around the living room giggling until midnight.  Then when I finally put him to bed I heard him in there carrying on so I went to check it out and he was playing around on the elevated mattress and using it to try and reach his Thomas the Train wall decoration.  I yanked the pillow and made him sleep flat so of course he was up coughing and choking.  Poor kid, we are staying home today to rest and recuperate.


  1. Bummer! I hope he gets better soon! :)

    Marlee gagged when I tried to give her a spoonful of honey! Silly kid.

  2. Well, thanks for your sweet comments! :) I think she knows how to count because we count everything pretty much all the time. Which sounds silly, but I feel like that's all we do is count! LOL She doesn't know how to say her abc's because I hardly ever say we are working on that!

    The other thing about Marlee is that she remembers crazy things...which I have no idea if it's normal or not, but she remembers going to the doctor over 2 weeks ago. I have no idea if other kids do that or not...I just know that when she talks about things from a while back it totally shocks me!

    With Austin, he can probably way out-do Marlee in physical aspects. Marlee still has a hard time on hard bumpy snow, barely runs outside, and pretty much stays right on the clean sidewalk.

    The best part about kids is that when they turn about 4, no one knows who knew what or was doing what first because they all pretty much catch up around then. :)

  3. Oh no. I don't miss the teething days at all! Hooray for being almost done!


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