Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday fun

What a great day! 

We started the day with my wonderful husband cooking up perfect omlettes with ham, mushrooms and cheddar.  After Austin's nap we loaded up in the F150 and went to the forest for some sledding fun.  Austin wasn't too crazy about all the snow, but he finally caught on to how fun it is to ride in the sled.  The snow was about 2' deep, so we just pushed him back and forth between us on the road that was packed down.  It was at the Forest Service Administrative Site, and no one was there so we did not have to worry about cars.  He tried his best to walk, and even crawl in the snow, but all the gear was too much, I'm talking Randy from A Christmas Story plumped up.  I wish that I had pictures to share, but I only grabbed the 35mm camera on the way out the door so we have to wait  to get the film developed. 

Too bad the rest of the day I was just zapped, but it was Saturday so we just kind of took it easy.  Austin is so much fun these days, I just love to watch him.  He has totally mastered our step from the kitchen to the dining room, he turns and goes feet first every time now.  Pretty soon he will just be stepping off since he is getting really good at walking now. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Guess who is back...

Lovee Duck!!!

So here is the deal with the duck:

Lovee Duck is a 12"x12" soft blankie with a duckie head in the middle.

Monday I drop Austin off at daycare.  I know that we took his Lovee Duck, his most loved toy that he sleeps with, because I remember grabbing a corner of it as I carried them in in case he let go so it would not fall in the mud.  Mondays are a little harder for him after spending two days with his favorite people so I sent Lovee to make the day go bettter.

Monday night I get home from work and Austin is pretty upset.  We decide that he is tired so Dustin takes him to bed and calls back for me to bring Lovee.  I dig through the diaper bag, no Lovee.  We thought about heading right back up there to get him, but decided we could tough it out for one night.

Tuesday I ask about Lovee, no they haven't found him, but will look.  I get to work and look up the duck on the internet and order two replacement Lovee Ducks just in case, but they won't be delivered for 3-6 days.  Tuesday night Dustin says no luck, no duck at daycare. 

This morning I drop off Austin and ask one more time thinking that now they have had a night where they knew he was missing and could look without having to run after all the kids.  No luck, no duck and she says well it couldn't have been lost here, it was in the diaper bag on Monday.  If it were here we would have found it by now. 

So tonight Dustin said he walked into daycare and there he was on the table.  He asked about it and they shrugged it off like, well yeah it's yours.  Ugh, I'm trying not to be upset about it, but come on, we told you the toy was left there so help us find it!  So now we will keep this lovee at home and if anything put the new lovee, when it gets here, in the diaper bag to go to daycare. 

Thank you Saint Anthony!

Wordless Wednesday

Hiking at Zion National Park on Valentine's Day

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A little prayer

Dear St. Anthony of Padua,  I ask you for your help in finding Austin's Lovee Duck.  I know it seems trivial to ask such a favor of you, but my little boy really loves to snuggle with his best friend to go to sleep.  I love when I look in on him and he is peacefully sleeping with Lovee draped across his chest, ok, I am missing Lovee too.  We last saw our beloved duck on Monday at daycare.  They looked for him today, but had no luck.  Please help us to find our dear duck and reunite him with Austin.  We thank you for your assistance!  Amen

Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Wonderland

This has been quite the winter for our country.  On Saturday night when we went to bed there was no snow and it was lightly raining.  We woke up to about 3" of accumulation on the ground.  Throughout the day it warmed up and melted to where there was almost no snow when we went to bed.  This morning we wake up, and you guessed it- another maybe 2" of accumulation which is vigorously melting as I type. 

I was supposed to go to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon this morning for work for a Congressional Subcommittee meeting on uranium mining/withdrawl of federal lands from uranium mining, but fortunately it was postponed.  It was scheduled at 10:00am, and it is about a four hour drive under good conditions, but with the snow we probably would have had to leave before 5:00am to get there in time.  No thanks!

For Brandi

I miss my friend Brandi who's computer has been out of commission for a couple of weeks now with a virus.  Here is another cake for whenever you are back!  This was Austin's baptism cake done on 3-22-09.  I figured out the other day that I could pop off the handle things from the tray, so now it looks better when I present a cake.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Science Fair

Yesterday Austin and I went and judge the Middle School Science Fair.  It was really fun to go and look at all the projects and talk to the kids, it really brang back a lot of memories!  There were two projects that had balloons, so of course it was a challenge to keep him from trying to get them. Austin did so good, we were there from 8:00-11:30am.  He ususally takes a nap somewhere between 9:30 and 10:30 and of course he missed his nap, but he was so happy the whole time.  At the end I could tell in his eyes that he was tired though.  He really loves people and had a blast looking at the kids, and of course they all enjoyed having him there too.

When it was time to take him to daycare he fell asleep in the car and he was out solid.  I got him out and took him inside still asleep.  Nanny showed me where there was an empty pack n' play so I went to lay him down.  Their pack n' play was a little different then ours, it didn't have the extra legs for support and I leaned against it to lay him down like I do ours and it slid out from me and I lost my balance.  I kind of dropped him into the thing, not enough to hurt him since he was almost on the matress when it happened, but it gave him enough of a jolt to wake up.  Then it was a cry fest and of course he did NOT want to let me go.  I hate when he cries when I leave him, it's the worst feeling ever. 

This afternoon during my work time I am going to go judge the Elementary School Science Fair.  Austin will be at daycare so I will be by myself for this one.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Remembering my Dad

Today has been a bit busy, but I wanted to make a quick post to say that it has been two years today since my Dad died from kidney cancer.  It hardly seems like it has been that long.  I was very fortunate to be able to go back and spend the last two weeks with him before he passed and then had a week of bereavement leave after for the funeral to spend with my family.

I miss you Dad!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Aloha Friday

Here is my question:

Are you doing anything fun/romantic for the three day weekend?

On Monday the 15th Dustin and I will have been together for seven years. We are planning to go to St. George to get Austin's 1 year portraits done (finally, almost a month later) and then going to Zion National Park for lunch and hiking.

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that they take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So Fridays they take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response. If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link here. Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Survivor is Back!

I'm a huge fan of the TV show Survivor. The season premier of Heros vs. Villians is on and I'm lovin' it. I am cheering for Sandra because I have $5 on her in a pool.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Creativity and Resourcefullness

So a few weeks ago when my Mom was visiting we stopped at Target for some shopping. I found a cute crib sheet that was clearanced to $4. When I got home I realized why no one wanted it, someone must have hit it with a box cutter and cut through the first couple of layers of the folded sheet :(. My sister said I should take it back, but when you live 80 miles from the Target, it is easier said then done, especially for $4.

This winter I have been trying to find flannel crib sheets. We got one as a hand me down and I don't really know if Austin sleeps better, but I feel better knowing he is on a nice warm and comfy sheet at night. But, I have had no luck finding them in the stores.

So, after thinking through both dilemas I remembered that I had a nice big piece of flannel that I purchased a while ago with no specific purpose. Dustin and I were in JoAnn Fabric buying foam for our kitchen chairs and I happened to notice the flannel because it says "North Woods" on it. Dustin works on the North Kaibab Forest so we thought it was neat and bought it with the purpose to be determined.

What I did was ripped out the seams in the Target sheet and removed the elastic. I ironed out that sheet to use as a pattern to cut the flannel. Then I sewed the edges and sewed a pocket around the edge for the elastic. I threaded the elastic fromthe Target sheet and sewed it all together and there you go, now I have a new flannel sheet for the crib. I'll use the fabric from the Target sheet in another project.

Austin and Lovee Duck

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mommy to Austins

At daycare there is another little baby named Austin that is about two months younger than my Austin. He started coming to daycare a month or two after my Austin. The Nannies told me that the other kids say my Austin is "the real" Austin. Oh, and another interesting coincidence, his Mommy is also named Sarah!

The first time I saw little Austin I had handed my Austin off to the daycare provider and was chatting with her. Little Austin crawled to me and pulled up on my legs. I bent down to greet him, and he grabbed onto my neck. I picked him up for a bit because he was crying for me. My Austin sat on Nanny's lap just looking at me like "whatever Mom, go on."

I have seen little Austin a few times since and he always shows interests in me when I come in. Today when I dropped off my Austin, little Austin walked to us and patted me on the leg. I sat down on the couch, still holding my Austin on my left knee. Little Austin crawled up on my right knee so I had both Austins on my lap and both were being snuggly, it was adorable and I loved it! Then little Austin hopped off my knee and walked into the other room.

I have seen the other Mommy Sarah and I don't think we look a lot alike, but it sure seems that little Austin had picked up on me being Austin's Mommy!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm done

Breastfeeding Austin that is. After Austin turned one we started weaning and introducing cow's milk. I was worried that he would not be able to tolerate the milk because he was colicky when he was first born and it seemed to be linked to my consumption of dairy. He seems to be taking the milk well with no digestive issues. I haven't been able to get him to really drink it well from a sippy, so I have been giving it from a bottle. Hopefully that is not a bad habit that I will regret later, but I know he needs to be drinking some milk, so I have to get it in him somehow.

When I had Austin I wasn't sure how long I would be willing to breastfeed and had no expectations. I'm proud that I made it to a year. I can't say that it was totally exclusive because I supplemented a little bit at the end, but we didn't even go through two cans of formula, so it was just a little bit. I very much encourage any future mother to give it a try, it's very rewarding.