Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Guess who is back...

Lovee Duck!!!

So here is the deal with the duck:

Lovee Duck is a 12"x12" soft blankie with a duckie head in the middle.

Monday I drop Austin off at daycare.  I know that we took his Lovee Duck, his most loved toy that he sleeps with, because I remember grabbing a corner of it as I carried them in in case he let go so it would not fall in the mud.  Mondays are a little harder for him after spending two days with his favorite people so I sent Lovee to make the day go bettter.

Monday night I get home from work and Austin is pretty upset.  We decide that he is tired so Dustin takes him to bed and calls back for me to bring Lovee.  I dig through the diaper bag, no Lovee.  We thought about heading right back up there to get him, but decided we could tough it out for one night.

Tuesday I ask about Lovee, no they haven't found him, but will look.  I get to work and look up the duck on the internet and order two replacement Lovee Ducks just in case, but they won't be delivered for 3-6 days.  Tuesday night Dustin says no luck, no duck at daycare. 

This morning I drop off Austin and ask one more time thinking that now they have had a night where they knew he was missing and could look without having to run after all the kids.  No luck, no duck and she says well it couldn't have been lost here, it was in the diaper bag on Monday.  If it were here we would have found it by now. 

So tonight Dustin said he walked into daycare and there he was on the table.  He asked about it and they shrugged it off like, well yeah it's yours.  Ugh, I'm trying not to be upset about it, but come on, we told you the toy was left there so help us find it!  So now we will keep this lovee at home and if anything put the new lovee, when it gets here, in the diaper bag to go to daycare. 

Thank you Saint Anthony!

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  1. I am SOOOO glad I don't have to put Marlee in daycare. I would not be impressed at all about that! I think I would probably be one of those moms I get annoyed with...but that's exactly why I stay home, so I don't have to be that crazy person! :) (I am so not saying you are a crazy person! I just know I would be!)


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