Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Creativity and Resourcefullness

So a few weeks ago when my Mom was visiting we stopped at Target for some shopping. I found a cute crib sheet that was clearanced to $4. When I got home I realized why no one wanted it, someone must have hit it with a box cutter and cut through the first couple of layers of the folded sheet :(. My sister said I should take it back, but when you live 80 miles from the Target, it is easier said then done, especially for $4.

This winter I have been trying to find flannel crib sheets. We got one as a hand me down and I don't really know if Austin sleeps better, but I feel better knowing he is on a nice warm and comfy sheet at night. But, I have had no luck finding them in the stores.

So, after thinking through both dilemas I remembered that I had a nice big piece of flannel that I purchased a while ago with no specific purpose. Dustin and I were in JoAnn Fabric buying foam for our kitchen chairs and I happened to notice the flannel because it says "North Woods" on it. Dustin works on the North Kaibab Forest so we thought it was neat and bought it with the purpose to be determined.

What I did was ripped out the seams in the Target sheet and removed the elastic. I ironed out that sheet to use as a pattern to cut the flannel. Then I sewed the edges and sewed a pocket around the edge for the elastic. I threaded the elastic fromthe Target sheet and sewed it all together and there you go, now I have a new flannel sheet for the crib. I'll use the fabric from the Target sheet in another project.

Austin and Lovee Duck


  1. Very inventive. I am not that "domestic" so I would never have been able to do that. I can't even use a sewing machine!! In regards to your question on my post yesterday, his sippy is a Dr. Browns. I LOVE IT. It doesn't leak and they don't suck on it like a bottle. It has a soft spout and holds a good bit.

  2. That is a cute idea! I wouldn't have thought of that! :) And I also wouldn't have taken the sheet back since we live forever away from a target as well!


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