Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mommy to Austins

At daycare there is another little baby named Austin that is about two months younger than my Austin. He started coming to daycare a month or two after my Austin. The Nannies told me that the other kids say my Austin is "the real" Austin. Oh, and another interesting coincidence, his Mommy is also named Sarah!

The first time I saw little Austin I had handed my Austin off to the daycare provider and was chatting with her. Little Austin crawled to me and pulled up on my legs. I bent down to greet him, and he grabbed onto my neck. I picked him up for a bit because he was crying for me. My Austin sat on Nanny's lap just looking at me like "whatever Mom, go on."

I have seen little Austin a few times since and he always shows interests in me when I come in. Today when I dropped off my Austin, little Austin walked to us and patted me on the leg. I sat down on the couch, still holding my Austin on my left knee. Little Austin crawled up on my right knee so I had both Austins on my lap and both were being snuggly, it was adorable and I loved it! Then little Austin hopped off my knee and walked into the other room.

I have seen the other Mommy Sarah and I don't think we look a lot alike, but it sure seems that little Austin had picked up on me being Austin's Mommy!

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