Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Random thoughts for Wednesday

Life has been so busy and crazy lately.  I thought I would get down some thoughts while I munch on my lunch.
  • We had a nice short visit with some of my fam this past weekend.  I have pictures for a seperate post later.  It's a lot of work to accomodate 7 other people and being pregnant I was pooped.  It's always rejuvinating for my soul though and overall it was a good visit.
  • Tomorrow night I have my first book club meeting where we will be discussing The Book Thief.  Originally we were supposed to finish the whole book which is 574 pages, but last week they decided to reduce that down through the fifth section which is page 300.  I am at about 285, so will be able to get to that point tonight.   It's a good book, but it's hard to wrap my mind around what life was really like in Nazi Germany. 
  • Friday night I am supposed to help out with a fundraiser for Austin's Learning Center.  They do these fundraisers to help pay for supplies and for scholarships for families who can't afford tuition.  It's a spagetti dinner and I said I would come and help chop the salad and any other food prep they need. 
  • Saturday I have two things going.  I have to work for a few hours, then we are helping out with our park rebuilding.  The town we live in got a bunch of grants to update the park, which was in horrible shape.  They have enough funding to install two new play features and they are having a community volunteer work day on Saturday. 

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