Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Bed

We finally purchased Austin a new twin sized bed.  We went with a twin XL so he will be able to use if for a long time even if he ends up being tall.  He was so excited that when Dustin brought the matress in the living room he pushed it down on the floor and went and got his blankie to snuggle up on it and try it out.


He has done okay with it at night, he has been in it almost a week now and we have a had a couple of nights where he woke up multiple times, but most nights he has slept all the way through and had no issues.  He has remained in the bed at all times and waits for Dustin or I to come in for him, so that has been nice.



  1. OH that is a big moment!! Congrats on the graduation to a big boy bed! Neither of my boys had huge issues with getting ut of bed once they were put in it. Of course there are those middle of the night wake ups every once in a while.

  2. So cute! My boys have the exact same sheets and love sleeping in them. You can encourage him to stay in bed until someone comes in to get him. That's what we did almost 2 years ago and the boys still wait until we go in and get them. The only time they don't wait, is if they needed to use the restroom. I'm sure he will continue to be amazing!

    I hope you're feeling well...


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