Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Big Day!

Tomorrow is finally our first ultrasound for this little one and I am so excited!  I hope little one cooperates so we find out who he/she is.

I have been SOOOOO busy the last week and a half, it has been insane.  Two weekends ago I went to a baby shower on Saturday, and we celebrated Dustin's birthday with a hike on Sunday, so I never really had a down day on the weekend. 

Then I worked that Monday through Wednesday on a special project at  work.  I usually have Mondays off to spend quality time with Austin and catch up on housework.  I would love to share about the project, but components of it are confidential so I can't.  It involved a bunch of hiking, which actually went pretty well considering I was 18 weeks at the time. 

Thursday I had to go to the big city to shop for a community event we hosted on Saturday.  It took all day to finish all the errands, so even though I planned to take Friday off I had to go in for a few hours to finish prepping for the Saturday event.  The event we call the Spring Celebration and it's designed to promote gardening and healthy living among the tribal members.  It's the seventh one we have hosted and we had a huge turn out relative to our community.  We had two other guest speakers, one from Pipe Spring National Monument who talked about their demonstration garden, and one from the local Master Gardener Program who talked about propagating seeds and gardening practices.  I gave a talk about World Water Day, which is this Thursday, March 22, and about how important water is for food production.  One of our tribal members gave out starts of her native plants and talked about how to plant them.  We were going to plant some flower beds in the afternoon, but the weather got cold and windy, so we decided to postpone it.  All in all it was a huge success.

I finally got a break after 6 days of work on Sunday and Monday.  I was so wiped out though, and it was all I could do to get the minimum household chores done. 

Today I was back at work and off to the big city again for a Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument interpretive planning meeting. 

This weekend will be busy once again as my brother is bringing his family of 6 and my Mom to visit during their spring break.  They are only planning to be here a couple of days before heading to my other brother's house in Phoenix, but we will have to get the house in shape on Saturday before they arrive that night. 


  1. Sounds fun to have your family, even though I know it's work to have visitors! :)

    I am excited and hope this little one cooperates with you! :)

  2. Wow! You have been (and will be) very busy! I hope that you can find some time for you to relax a bit among the chaos!


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