Friday, March 2, 2012

Blasts from the past

Aren't digital photos great? If you have read my blog for any amount of time you probably know that I am a hobby photographer, and love to take pictures. I am of course now in the digital age and have been since about 2004, with a few years of digital and 35mm overlap until about 2006. But before that, like most people, I took 35mm photos. Remember, I LIKE TO TAKE PICTURES, so this amounted to a huge box in my office closet of photos and 35mm negatives. Sometimes I was good at storing photos in an album, but mostly not, so the photos got thrown into the box.

Now that Burger Baby #2 is on the way we need the office to be Austin's room, so we can make his current room that is next to our bedroom, the nursery again. I have been slowly going through and clearing stuff out, including the photo box. Last year for work I bought a slide/negative scanner for a project and started digitally scanning my old negatives during my lunch break. I got through a bunch, but still had a bunch to go. Since I am working on that room the photo box had to go so I have been putting all the photos in a plastic tote to go in the shed and sorted off the negatives to scan on my lunch hour. Once I scan them the are getting shredded forever, I really see no need to hang on to them and have to move them around, especially when film developing places are becoming harder and harder to find.

This was the week of our wedding.  We live in AZ, but got married in my home state of CO so we went there the week of the wedding to do all the last minute stuff.  We took one day to get away from all the wedding nonsense and went to Rocky Mountain National Park to clear our heads.  It's Dustin, my Mom, and my Sister.

Me at Lake Mead during one of my college spring breaks.

Dustin and I on the road between Santa Fe and Taos, probably summer of 2003 or 2004.  Oh how I miss my pre-baby and college figure self!

In Santa Fe at one of the museums.

At my first Alpha Gamma Rho Pink Rose Formal.

Some of the ladies at the Pink Rose Formal, you may recognize the two ladies on the left, it's me and then Brandi from Life of a New Mommy.

At the tribal employee Christmas Party.

At a family reunion in 2004, man do I miss my Dad!
My branch of the family that attended the reunion in 2004.

At our wedding rehersal dinner.

In my college dorm room, yes it was the 90's, forgive the hair.

See, bangs on the poofy side were in then, at least for some still!


  1. Wow, love the hair in the last two. How fun!

  2. Love the hair!

    And what a funny picture of us dancing!

  3. Old photos are so fun. I can lose so much time looking through them!

  4. How I love old pictures! Have fun!


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