Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Are the planets out of alignment today?

Oh man, it is one of those days!!!

It probably didn't help that I had a four day weekend, last Friday was a tribal holiday and I started a new work schedule this week where I will take off Monday's to have a day with Austin, then work four full days.  So it was a little hard to get back to the grind today.

So Dustin had to get up way too early so he could go catch his horses at work and get them ready for the horsemanship class he is teaching today.  I know he intended to get up early, but he was up at 4:30am.  I think it's one of those times that he was thinking so much about the class that he didn't get into a heavy sleep and woke up and decided to get going since he was awake anyway.  After he was up for a bit getting his clothes out of the chest of drawers I heard Austin start to whine.  He often has trouble sleeping soundly when there is a full moon, and I think that is part of why he woke up when he heard Dustin.  I left him to see if he would fall back asleep, but by then I was pretty awake.  Eventually I dosed back off, but was awakened to Austin crying again at 5:50am.  My alarm is set for 6:15am, and usually I am able to get up, have a cup of coffee, check my Facebook and shower before I wake him up at 7:00am. When I got in there his binky was wrapped up in the blankets and he was missing it.  I think had he found the binky he would have nodded back off for the usual wake up time.  Since he already saw me though, his day was on.

So I get him up and go to get him milk and Cheerios.  As I go to pour the milk it hits the side of the cup and knocks it over spilling milk all over the top of the island.  I get that mopped up and get Austin situated watching cartoons.  I sneak into the bathroom for a quick shower and get all the other stuff done (take out trash, load the recycling, laundry, dishes, etc.)  that I needed to do minus watering my garden, which I can do tomorrow. 

At work I start checking my emails, and there are a bunch since I haven't been to work since last Thursday.  I get one from the t-shirt printing company that I work with who was doing an order for my sorority alumni chapter.  He sent me a proof last Friday and said to let him know if it was ok and they would print the shirts this week.  The color scheme was off so I sent back an email to inquire about why the colors were different.  In the mean time I check my junk folder and there is an email from the printer from yesterday saying the shirts are done, was I going to pick them up or should they mail them.  Oh crap, the proof was not right, and they printed them anyway, ugh!  So now I'm stuck with either accepting them as-is or being the mean one and demanding that they print new ones.

And the day is only half over, sigh, I hope the afternoon and evening go better!

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  1. I know that feeling!!! Hope it all gets worked out with the shirts! :)


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