Tuesday, June 21, 2011

21 Day Summer Challenge Day 10, 11, and 12

Well here is my BIG 200th post!!!

And oops, the weekend got away from me and I missed a couple more days of the challenge, but the good news is the last three topics work well together in one post:

June 19-Day 10: Summer MUST Haves
June 20-Day 11: Refreshing Beverage
June 21-Day 12: How do you BEAT the HEAT?

The first wonderful thing that qualifies in all 3 categories:

I <3 Fat Tire!!!  I went to college in Fort Collins, CO and it was so fabulous that all the restaurants and bars had fresh Fat Tire on tap that was brewed within days.  I can't get it so fresh here, but I love a good ice cold bottle on a hot summer day!  One summer there was a crew of CSU students working on a project for the forest my husband works for and they brought a fresh keg from Fort Collins as they came out for a summer gathering and it was oh-so-delicious!
From the summer "must haves" fresh tomatoes in the garden.  Can you believe I already have a tomato this big (insert shouts of joy)!!!  I started two tomato plants in April in Burpee Aqua Shields, and soon I will be feasting on this baby!
Another "must have" is pretty flowers.  When we bought our house there was a nasty old rose bush in front and the first year it had about 4 ugly sick little pink flowers, and then never bloomed after that.  Finally after many years of trying everything to get it to bloom I had Dustin dig it out and replaced it with this climbing rose called "4th of July."       


  1. I love your must have list!! Tomatoes and flowers! You are a girl after my own heart!! Congrats on this being your 200th post!!

  2. I love the roses! Although, I am trying to get rid of all of mine! :)

  3. What an awesome list flowers should be on mine too =)

  4. Gotta love Colorado just for the beer. Those roses are beautiful! You have motivated me to try a real garden next year. Tried some basil, but some nosy 2 year olds broke them all.


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