Monday, June 27, 2011

21 Day Summer Challenge Day 18 and 17

Day 18: Summer Fashion

I'm not much of a fashion oriented person.  So long as my clothes are fashion neutral, I am ok.  In the summer I love to wear shorts and short sleeve or tank tops.  When I work in the field I always wear work jeans and boots though no matter how hot it gets, I don't like getting all scratched up. 

Day 17: Summer Camp

I never really went to summer camp as a kid.  I always wanted to go to Girl Scout Camp, but you had to sell a million and five boxes of cookies to do it, and I always just earned enough to go to the day camps a couple of times.  It seems like one year I went ice skating and another year went to Chuck-E-Cheese.  I know at least once my troop had an overnight camp at a cabin in the mountains.

The summer between my freshman and sophomore year of college I got a job as a camp counselor in New York.  The camp was two months long and had two one-month sessions.  The kids that we had were mostly wealthy Jewish kids from the city who got sent to camp while their parents vacationed.  They hired staff from all over the world, so it was a pretty interesting experience to meet people from New Zealand, Canada, England, Spain, and Australia, as well as college students from all over the US. During both sessions I was bunked with 9-10 year olds.  I taught arts and crafts during the day for all ages and my subjects were tie-dye and leather craft. 

They basically said "just show up" so when I asked my brother about how to get there, he made all the arrangements for me and met me in New York City for the weekend and then put me on a bus to get to the camp in the Catskill Mountains (really just hills compared to the Rocky Mountains that I grew up in).

Doug and I in NYC, recognize this view?  Hint: You won't be able to see it today.

Yes that picture was at the top of one of the World Trade Center Buildings, hence my fear of going into tall buildings today.
It was mostly pretty typical, what you would expect from a month long sleep-away camp: arts and crafts, swimming, sports, group activities, day trips, etc.  During both sessions they had a week long "color war" where they split the camp into two teams and all activities revolved around competition.  When they "broke" color war they hired someone famous to come and announce it.  The first session the celebrity was the New Jersey Net Basketball Cheerleaders/Dancers, and the second session was WWE wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin.  In other years they have had real celebrities, Toby Maguire, Justin Timberlake, Shaq, so I must admit I was disappointed.

Some of the counselors getting ready for the final night of Color War, we were on the Hawaii Red team. The other team was Alaska White.
Stone Cold Steve Austin

The final night of the second Color War, we were on the Storyland White team.  The other team was Monster Red.


  1. Looks like fun! I hope Marlee gets to do things like that! (I also hope I am brave enough to let her! LOL)

  2. I too am not really into fashion. Like I said I am a simple girl! A month long camp!! Wow! I was such a momma's girl I don't think I could of handled being away from her for a month!!

  3. Oh wow that does sound like fun! Actual celebrities? Wow. In school when we had to sell stuff my mom did it not so I'd win because I hate selling stuff, my mom sells insurance for a living so she'd always sell some ridiculous amount that would just completely stump my teachers but I never took any of the prizes I let the others have them since I didn't earn them. Some of the causes were good ones though so I think it was a good thing.


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