Saturday, June 18, 2011

21 Day Summer Challenge Day 9

Today's topic:  Childhood Swimming Memory

I meant to take the camera today when we went to the pool and I forgot, darn it!!!

I know we usually had some type of kiddie pool in my yard every summer.  I think one summer when I was a bit older my Dad put a stock tank in the yard and filled it for me so it would be deeper than a kiddie pool.  In my home town there was an indoor pool, so you could swim there year round.  I did take swim lessons during the summer though when school was out.  I was really a pretty good swimmer since I started lessons so young.  I remember once as a kid we went to my Dad's side family reunion and I was about 7.  My Aunt made me wear those goofy water wing arm blow up things and it made me SO MAD because I was already a proficient swimmer, but my cousins could not swim so she made me wear them like everyone else.


  1. I guess it's better to be safe but yeah I can understand why that would make up so mad!! I too learned how to swim at a pretty young age and was a pretty good swimmer too!!

  2. yes, it is good to be safe. glad you know what you were doing..

  3. That cracks me up about the floaties! :) I have been taking Marlee to swim lessons-they started was fun. :) Oh and I VOW to have your aprons finished tonight and in the mail tomorrow. I messed one up and got frustrated last week and then the week kinda took over so now we are back to a Monday.


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