Saturday, June 18, 2011

21 Day Summer Challenge Day 7

Here it, the much anticipated Day 7 post...drumroll please, LOL!

I had a really hard time coming up with what my #1 favorite memory of summer is.  I guess most of the major life events for me have happened in the other seasons.  And thinking back to my childhood I have a lot of great memories of going to the mountains and camping and fishing, visiting family, helping in the garden, riding my bike, and all those typical type memories, but one particular time did not stand out. 

I also thought about how every summer when I was in high school I was able to go live in another state for about a month.  The summer before freshman year I went to Florida with my brother to see all the Orlando attractions and ended up staying with my Aunt and Uncle until my cousins came for a visit to Cocoa Beach.  The next summer I went to New Jersey where I stayed with my brother.  Each weekend we did something adventurous, the first weekend we went to New York City and did a bunch of site-seeing and saw Cats on Broadway, the next weekend we drove to Washington DC and saw the sights with some of his friends, the third weekend we drove to Maine and camped out, then the final weekend we went back to the City and saw Grease on Broadway.  The last summer I went somewhere I stayed with my cousin's in Iowa, which was full of Iowa summer experiences, fishing, demo-derbies and a corn festival.  All three of those summers were memorable, but how do I pick the "favorite" one?

But, then I realized that one major fun event did happen in summer, in August of 2005 my sister, who was my Maid-of-honor, hosted my bachelorette party in Las Vegas.  I live about three hours from Vegas, and I knew it would be relatively inexpensive for people to travel there, so I requested it.  Only I asked that we not do the typical bachelorette stuff like male reviews or strip clubs because it is just not my scene.  So my sister invited all the ladies in my family and 7 of my cousin's also attended, three from Iowa, one from Georgia, one from Florida and two locally.

So they all flew in on a Thursday night and I was able to pick everyone up and take them to their hotels.  My sister got us a suite at The New Frontier Hotel/Casino.  We all gathered at the Frontier and went to the bar there and had some drinks.  It was the first time to Vegas for three of the cousins, and we were all a bit shocked by the bikini bull-riding Vegas style, WOW! 

Friday we went and toured Hoover Dam, then that night we went to a big dinner then to the Comedy Club at Riviera.  It was such a fun night, my sister got us all pink boas to wear so we would stand out as a group.  The maitre de at the Riviera put us in a group spot right next to the stage, I mean I could literally put my elbow on stage.  All three of the comedians had been on Seinfeld before and I don't remember the names of the openers, but the main guy was Dom Irrera.  All three comedians saw the pink boas and incorporated us into their stand up, it was way fun!!!  For the show my two cousin's who live in Vegas also brought their husbands, and the middle comedian came over and said to one of them "so what are you doing in the middle of a bachelorette party?"  then he walked over closer to us and looked an saw that Nick (pictured below) had a boa in his lap and the commedian goes "and even more importantly what are you doing with a pink boa?"  And I won't mention exactly what Dom said I could come backstage after the show and do to him since I was the bride-to-be. (oh and BTW, Nick actually kept and wrapped the boa around this rear-view mirror in his truck)

Saturday they had the gift shower for me in our suite.  Afterwards we went to the Fashion Mall and had facials and make-up consultations at Macy's so I could buy my makeup for the wedding.  That night we decided to do more night sight-seeing on the strip for those cousins who had never been there before.  That is when we had the glow in the dark necklaces in the picture above.  We made the big-fat-mistake of trying to walk and were SO TIRED!!!

It was not your typical Vegas bachelorette party, but I wouldn't have had it any other way!

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