Friday, June 17, 2011

21 Days of Summer Challenge Day 8

Ok, ok, ok I know I missed the challenge yesterday, which the topic was "Favorite Summer Memory".  I kept trying to think of what my #1 best favorite memory of summer was, but honestly most of the major memories I am fond of happened in the other seasons.  Not that I never had fond summer happenings, just not one capstone time when I would give it that all time favorite designation.  BUT, I did think of something today that I can write about, but I want to add a photo or two when I get home, so I will go back and do day 7 later today.

Now on to today's topic: Summer TV

So my favorite TV shows are:
Survivor- currently not airing at all
3 of the 4 Monday night sitcoms (How I met your Mother, 2.5 Men, and Mike and Molly)- In re-runs
Big Bang Theory- Re-runs
The Amazing Race- currently not running
American Idol (occasionally)- currently not running

That is mostly what I take the time to watch, so right now I am just out of luck on my favorite TV shows.  But it's summer right?  So no temptation to sit in front of the tube and waste away- time to get up, get out of the house and have fun!


  1. So true about getting up and getting out of the house that's why I LOVE my DVR!! Don't worry about not posting yesterday!! Glad you joined up again today!


  2. I watch Big Bang Theory re-runs too only they are new to me because I haven't seen them lol I agree better to get out and have fun =)


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