Wednesday, June 29, 2011

21 Day Summer Challenge Day 20

Today's Topic: Summer Outings

Outings so far:
  • We have been swimming a few times now that the weather is finally hot enough to allow for out door pool enjoyment.
  • We took Austin on his first camping trip when we had a camp for the kids I work with.
  • Last week we went to the park to take in a couple of the summer softball league games.  I used to play, but haven't since we  had Austin.  Austin had a blast playing ball with one of the little boys he used to go to daycare with.
  • We went to the big city last weekend to see Cars 2.  Austin did really great considering it was a two hour movie.  He sat through the whole movie and only got antsy twice.  Overall we mostly enjoyed it, but I thought it was un-necessarily on the violent side.
Outings to come:
  • We are thinking about going camping and fishing this weekend, but we will see how the weather holds out since we are expecting the monsoon any day.
  • We will catch the firework display in the town north of us on Monday.
  • Our trip to Colorado for the Soundgarden concert.
  • More swimming!
  • More softball games at the park.
  • Western Legends Roundup
  • Kaibab Paiute Heritage Days Powwow
  • Possibly interview/house hunting trips if either of the jobs we are applying for pan out.


  1. Sounds fun! We have been swimming, to the lake and generally just being busy this summer! :)

  2. Looks like you're staying busy!! I have to chuckle that you mention that it's finally warm enough to swim!! Here in Texas it's unbelievable HOT!! Today was 104 and that actually felt like a cool down!! I am not kidding!!


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