Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday thoughts

Here are my thoughts on this fine Thursday:
  • Only 14 more days of work provided I make it to the date that I have been thinking about taking off.  I am so ready to be home and rest and prepare for Katy's arrival. 
  • In spite of the bad news I got yesterday one positive thing that came from it was I looked up my boss from the Boys & Girls Club to make sure she knew about what happened.  I haven't seen or spoken to her in all those years.  Turns out she is still in touch with the family and is planning to attend the services this weekend.  Even though she was the Director of the Club she was my age and a student at CSU, so we were also pretty close back then and hung out outside of work a lot, so it was nice to reconnect with an old friend.
  • We had a book club meeting last night to wrap up our discussion of A Prayer For Owen Meany.  It's funny how your perspective of things changes as an adult.  I first read the book my senior year of high school and loved it.  This time around not so much.  It had it's funny moments, but overall I didn't care for it. 
  • I'm really disliking the newer word verification to leave comments for fellow bloggers.  When I did the A-Z Challenge they strongly encouraged everyone to disable that feature, and I have to concur.  I haven't had word verification on my comments in a long time and only once have received a spam comment which I deleted, easy peasy. So come on and jump on my bandwagon and turn off your comment verification if you write a blog that I like to comment on PLEASE!
  • This morning when I went to get a shirt out of the closet for Austin I couldn't help but stop and look through the new clothes for Katy.  I haven't organized her stuff yet, so I just put it in the closet, but I just love all the little bitty pink and purple clothes!
  • I am ready to hit the pool tomorrow.  Last week I was having some swelling in my hands and legs and the pool took care of it, so I know it will feel good this week too. 
  • Conditions for our monsoon are starting to show up.  We haven't had any rain at home yet, but there are clouds in the sky again and it has been windy which are both signs of the monsoon.  I am so ready, bring on the rain!

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