Sunday, June 17, 2012

Baby Shower

My friend Jess hosted a baby shower for me this Saturday.  Jess like me is a detail person, so I really enjoyed the party since she went all out to make it very nice.  Nine ladies attended and we held it at my house on my request since I love our back porch and thought it would be fun to hold it outdoors since Austin’s showers were in the winter and indoors. 
shower 037
shower 013
shower 026
shower 028
This was Dustin's wagon from childhood.
shower 035
shower 054
Sangria on the left, pink lemonaid on the right.
shower 047
One of the games we played, everyone was supposed to bring a baby picture of themselves and then everyone had to guess who was who.   I was trying to be sneaky and put both Dustin and I's baby picture on the collage.
shower 057
This is Jess, another game she did was she found celebrity baby pictures and put the head with their adult body to give clues and everyone had to guess who they were.
shower 070
In this game everyone paired up and had to race to feed each other a bowl of baby puree.  These two won, but they are the recent Mommies!
shower 080
Heidi couldn't believe how awful the baby food was, I told her I make my own baby food and she thought that was a better idea.
shower 090
shower 097
These other three ladies are Dustin's co-workers, next to me is Britt who gave birth to Paige 10 days ago, Korin who delivered Suzannah in March, and Missy with Lila who is 9 months old.


  1. How fun to have so many girls so close! That's how we are with boys right now! Everyone. Here has had boys lately.

  2. Looks like it was a great baby shower! You deserve it!

  3. Everything looks so pretty, love the pink and green. You look great too!

  4. It all looks so lovely and YUMMY, just adorable!


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