Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hug your kids

I have a sad and heavy heart tonight.  When I was in college, about 10 years ago now, I worked at a Boys and Girls Club for a year as one of my many part-time jobs.  My sister called today and said she heard on the radio that two of the kids I worked with there were in a car accident this weekend and both suffered fatal injuries.  Their Mom is a DJ on the country radio station for northern Colorado and they made the announcement since D often talked about her kids on the radio.  My heart is broken for their family, I can't imagine losing two children, they were 16 and 17.  It's hard to wrap my head around why this happened to such a great family, why it happens to anyone for that matter.  All I know is I couldn't wait to wrap my arms around Austin and give him lots of hugs and kisses. 


  1. Oh no, sending my prayers for the family. My cousin lost his daughter just5 after she turned 17. She had cancer and your heart prepares for it, but it's ever really prepared, it still hurts more than you can imagine. I can't fathom losing a child suddenly, not getting to say goodbye.

  2. These types of events put things into perspective, don't they? It is such a terrible loss for the family. I hope some day they can find peace...

    I'm sorry for your loss as well.

  3. That's so sad for that family. I'm so sorry for their loss and for yours.


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