Thursday, June 7, 2012

Doctor Appointment

I had my 30 week doctor appointment yesterday.  It was the first time that my appointment schedule matched up with my friend Britt who will be 39 weeks tomorrow, so on her weekly appointments and we traveled the 150 mile trip together.  We went to lunch at a Greek restaurant before our appointment and it was a lot of fun.  I think it was a good thing I drove as she was having contractions the whole drive over and back.  I bet she has her baby girl this weekend.

Everything is looking great.  My blood pressure was good, I passed my gestational diabetes test and the fundal height still showed that she is about a week behind the original due date.   The one bad thing... I gained 9 pounds in three weeks!  YIKES!  The midwife that I saw didn't say anything about it, so I guess they aren't worried about it, but it blew my mind.  For a while I didn't gain any weight though, so I guess I'm just packing it all on at once.  Another thing that might have factored a little tiny bit into it is I have been having morning appointments and going straight in after driving the hour and a half over there without eating.  This time we had an afternoon appointment and went right in after I ate a huge lunch, so maybe (hopefully) it was that I just pigged out.  I'm not really that worried about it anyway because I plan to nurse this baby and if it goes like Austin I will lose a ton of weight. 

Make sure you read my 5QF post to find out baby girl's name!


  1. Glad to hear your appointment went well. By the way, I love the name!

  2. I can't believe you are almost there!! OMG your pregnancy is flying by for me:)

  3. How funny that you gained so much weight. I always hated it when I did that. At least it was in 3 weeks, and not just 1! :)

    Have a great day! :)


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