Thursday, June 21, 2012

Doctor Appointment

I had yet another doctor appointment yesterday.  Everything is still good, I can't find my pregnancy journal to see exactly what I weighed last time, but I'm pretty sure I didn't gain any weight this time after gaining 9lbs at the last visit.  My BP was good and Katy's heart rate was in the 140's.  She was measuring right on. 

I actually saw the Nurse Practitioner and she pointed out that she thought my ankles looked a little swollen.  I hadn't even noticed, but now that she pointed it out today I feel like a swollen whale.  It has been super hot here, so it's no wonder that I am having swelling issues.  She said we will watch for other symptoms, but for now she wasn't too worried about it. 

We are back over to the big city on Saturday for our all day childbirth class.

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  1. I've got swelling too. In the last month, I gained 5 pounds- thereby DOUBLING my total weight gane so far. I cried.


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