Monday, June 11, 2012

Dentist Take #2

We went to the Pediatric Dentist today for Austin's second visit.  I took him about 7 months ago for the first time.  He was definitely way more confident now and was a great little patient.  Last time he wouldn't even consider the x-ray chair, and today he hopped up like it was no big deal.  Last time he did ok with the hygenist, but sat up instead of laid down.  Today he laid happily in on the table and watched Robin Hood on the ceiling screen.  Last time I had to hold him in my lap while the dentist did the exam and even had to hold him down for a bit, but today he laid back and let the dentist take as much time to examine as he needed.  It was really great to see the difference in his maturity level.

All of his teeth were great, no problems.  The dentist complimented on how different his teeth were since after the last visit when he recommended then that we take away the binky, and we did and it really allowed his teeth to line up.  He said he thinks it's a great recovery and he will have no long term effects from the binky use.  He said the x-rays showed the permanent teeth are coming in nicely and will be large, so he will likely have some crowding at first until his jaw grows bigger. 


  1. What a big boy! I hope it goes as well for me the next time I take my boys in to the dentist. Happy to hear all is well with his teeth... it's so important!

  2. I just took Marlee to the dentist also...there were a few problems, but nothing he wanted to do right now.

    Go Austin Go! :)


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