Friday, February 24, 2012

Wrestling Tournament

My oldest nephew JC qualified for the Colorado State Wrestling tournament for the second year in a row.   He is a sophomore, so we are so proud that he is already doing so well.

wrestling 005a

His first match was Thursday night.  He actually had to wrestle a senior who went on win the state championship in that weight category.  Even though they were wrestling in the 2A class (smaller high schools) that particular championship was a highlight story of the tournament because the other guy in the championship was a 3 time state champion and trying to become the 17th person in the state of Colorado to win four state championships.  The kid that beat my nephew shut him down and kept him from that goal.

My nephew did well against him and went all three bouts with him and the match came down to a decision.  The other guy went on to pin every other opponent until the championship match, so I think it’s cool that JC was able to hang with him through the whole thing.

wrestling 021a

JC was excited that we made it to see him.  He really does have a sweet heart and loves all his brothers and cousins.  He was so excited when we announced we were expecting Austin, which was surprising that a teenaged boy would be excited about a baby.  He was excited to come and find us between matches so he could play with Austin.  I was worried that Austin would rough house with him and injure him before his next match, but of course JC would roll his eyes at me for being silly.wrestling 024a

The proud Mom and Pop!wrestling 030a

Future members of the Colorado Avalanche.wrestling 033a

For his second match on Friday morning we were excited because he got matched up with another sophomore who he had already beaten once this year.  We thought if he could pull off a strong win it would do good for his mental momentum going into the Friday night match which was against another senior.  wrestling 044a

BUT, the other kid did not make weight, so he forfeited to my nephew.  It was a bittersweet win, yes his first win at state, but didn’t have the benefit of actually beating someone.wrestling 056a

More checking out the Avalanche props around the Pepsi Center between matches.

wrestling 062a

wrestling 075a

And his final match on Saturday night was pretty exciting to watch.  The boys stayed up for most of the match and worked on maneuvering.  I am not a big expert on wrestling, but is seems like most matches there is a takedown and then one guy is on top of the other guy trying to force him into submission and it’s kind of boring to me because there is not a lot of movement or things going on. 

In the second round though JC went in for a takedown and the other kid read it and was able to flip the momentum and took him down in a pin. 

wrestling 130a

It was so great to be there and see what a grown up he has turned into.  He was disappointed in the outcome, but we were so proud of how he competed and the sportsmanship that he showed.  In all honesty it was hard for me to hold back tears though, not because of the outcome, but because I knew how upset he was.  I told him I thought he did great and how awesome it was to make it to state as a sophomore and he said “well, I just wish I could have given you a better show.”  I told him there is always next year and I would try to be there again.

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  1. I saw these photos on your facebook -- What a good looking young man! That first photo of him running out there with his chest all puffed out -- great shot!


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