Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday thoughts

Here are some random thoughts for this fine, overcast Thursday:
  • I finally got all of our tax form info so I will be hitting our taxes this weekend.  The last several years we took them to H&R Block, but they have gotten so expensive, and our taxes really aren't that complex at the moment.  I hope it goes well and I have no regrets about preparing them myself.
  • I switched out my regular clothes for my maternity clothes last weekend.  It was fun going through them and remembering my pregnancy with Austin.  I have a lot of winter clothes so I'm glad I went ahead and pulled them out now and will have to work on more summer maternity clothes as the time comes closer.
  • It's crazy sometimes how things go in this blogging world.  I love doing these random thought posts, it's a good way to get a lot of thoughts down without getting weighed down with a bunch of boring details.  I recently started following a VERY popular Mom blog, where the lady has thousands of followers and does the whole business aspect of blogging.  I usually don't like the business blogs, but she has enough personal family stories, and she is a photographer so I enjoy it.  She currently is in the process of being separated from her husband and she did a random thought post where she discussed that, she also discussed her thoughts on Susan G Komen withdrawing funds from Planned Parenthood, and mentioned one of the products she endorses for her sponsors.  She gets hundreds of comments and I found myself reading some of them, and man people can get vicious.  There were of course several replies about the abortion issue, which yeah, any time you talk about abortion, no matter which side you are on you are going to get an earful.  But some of the comments were criticizing her for combining so many random thoughts and trying to use her personal tragedy to capitalize on her advertising and blogging business, and push her political agenda.  Sheesh, I'm happy my blog is mine and I don't have to worry about marketing, or catering to people's opinions like that.
  • I know someone who is making a life decision that I think is completely foolish and I have been pondering a great deal how to best handle the situation.  It's like I want to support the person, but at the same time I can't condone the decision/actions being made.  I don't want in any way to validate it, or seem supportive of it because I really believe that it is setting the person up for more failure.  I feel like I am letting that person down at the moment, so I don't really know what to do other than pray on it.
  • I am so ready to go to Colorado in two weeks.  It's funny how even after 7 years I miss it so much and long to be there more now than ever.  
  • I felt like such a meany last night.  I picked the boys up at the Learning Center and got them all strapped in the car.  Usually Austin plays with his Leapster2 and F plays with Austin's V-tech computer.  Well last night Austin asked for the computer.  I tried to encourage it to go the other way because I think F is too young to figure out the Leapster2, but Austin was insistent so I obliged.  A couple of miles down the road, out of a 16 mile trip, Austin starts asking for his "game."  I explain to him that he made the choice that he wanted the computer and he was going to have to let F play the Leapster2.  So the asking turned into crying and demanding the game.  I of course was not going to give in even though I don't think F even ever figured out how to turn it on.  The crying ensued all the way home, ugh!  I know it's just a phase, but I am done with the crying tantrums!
  • In the past I have talked about how funny sometimes things can be relating to Facebook, and I had another moment this week where I was just shaking my head at people.  So my Dad's family is big, he was one of eleven kids so I have bunches and bunches of cousins on that side.  They set up a family group on Facebook and there are about 90+ people on there.  So one of my Dad's Sister-in Law's birthday was this week.  As far as I know she is not on Facebook herself, but her sons and grandchildren are.  Even so everyone started posting happy birthday messages to her on the family group page.  It's like yeah, I know her sons are on FB, but come on, if you want to wish her a happy birthday pick up the phone and do it yourself, don't expect her sons to pass along some cheesy message on FB!
  • Ok it's obvious that I am in a bit of a ranting mood, so I will end this list and wish you a happy rest of Groundhog Day!
And most importantly, thank you to my readers, you are all wonderful and I appreciate all of your warm and thoughtful comments!

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  1. Disciplining kids is hard but they need to know that their choice/actions have consequences. Doing what you did is helping Austin learn just that.

    About your friend making a foolish decision. I was in a similar situation in University. A roommate (and friend) was getting ready to marry an older man who was living in a different town. I suggested to her to wait until she was done school (since she needed to quit school and move away to be with him). She had only been with him for a few months prior to getting engaged. I told her that if the love was real, it could wait another year. She didn`t listen and got very upset... I was never invited to the wedding and our friendship ended.

    However, less than 15 months later, she was left divorced and without her University education. I hated being right, but I also couldn`t be two-faced and attend the wedding all the while making bets on how long the marriage would last (which all our other friends did)... Do what you feel is right.


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