Friday, February 10, 2012

Thoughts for Friday

I thought about doing 5QF, but I'm just not in the mood, so here are some thoughts instead:

  • I worked an 11 hour day yesterday because I had a meeting 75 miles away.  It was a sit down and listen all day kind of meeting so I was spent.
  • I just filled up our truck and it took 25.2 gallons, YIKES!  I know a lot of gas stations cut you off at $75 when paying at the pump, but luckily the station out here does not.
  • I usually have a 3 day weekend since I stay home to have a Mommy day with Austin on Mondays, but since we are taking our trip next week I decided to work on Monday.  I hope I am super motivated to get a lot done this weekend around the house.
  • While I was in the big city yesterday I got to go to a Japanese restaurant for lunch.  I have really been into California rolls and hibachi cooking lately.  Too bad there is not a closer restaurant! 
  • I also needed a sugar pick-me-up in the afternoon to get me through the last presentation so I treated myself to a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory carmel apple, yummy!  I also got one for Dustin and Austin and Austin devoured it!  I only wanted to give him half the apple since his was not only caramel, but then dipped in mini-M&Ms so I didn't want him to have a bunch of chocolate before bed.  I should have not left the other half in a reachable place on the counter because he went in there and snatched aonther piece of it when I wasn't looking.
  • Speaking of bed, the night before last Austin had trouble sleeping.  He didn't fall asleep until after 10:30pm, which he never stays awake that late, then woke up at 5:30am to use the restroom.  I think he seems to have trouble sleeping when there is a full moon.  I don't know if it's the light that comes in or what.  He has a black-out shade on his window, so it can't be that much light.  At least he slept good last night.
  • Did I mention that I am so ready to visit Colorado?  We were just there last November, but I just thrive on these trips and am really excited to be there.  I hope my nephew does well in the regional wrestling tournament this weekend and qualifies for state so we can watch him next weekend.
  • I started researching birth doulas.  One of my BFFs is a doula, but she lives on the other side of the country.  Since she has educated me about them I am interested in possibly working with one when I have this baby if the doctor decides I am a VBAC candidate.  In case you don't know a doula is like a personal assistant to a woman while she is laboring.  They know about all aspects of the process and make suggestions to help you and your partner get through the process in the best way, ideally with no medical interventions like pain killers and induction medications.  What I started to find though was a lot of them encourage homebirths and completely natural births and I am concerned that I would want one who is not so anti-medicine that I feel pressured if I do opt for drugs during the process.  I of course will absolutely need to labor in the hospital since there is an increased risk of rupture.  I think I will ask my doctor about it during my next visit.
  • I think my bump is becoming a little more pronounced.  It's still not that big yet though because yesterday at the meeting when our attorney saw me she asked if I was feeling ok since I looked thin.  I was thinking "what?" and told her I was surprised she said that since I am 13 weeks pregnant. I had a little sweater/jacket on and I think the style was slimming.


  1. Let's see some pictures...I'll tell you if you are showing yet! :)

    Yay for yummy food! Boo for having to drive so far for a day!

  2. Oh man, i haven't had a caramel apple in ages!

    That sounds like 1 expesive tank of gas. I'm so glad we don't have a truck, my fill up is usually around $50. That seems crazy to me.


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