Friday, February 24, 2012


It's Friday and I am catching up on blogging.  I actually have three drafts in my blog list, which I never hang on to drafts, so time to publish one of them!

1. What's your favorite way to spend down time (alone or with a significant other)?
I guess my favorite way is to play on Facebook.  Once my son and husband go to bed is when I catch up on what everyone is up to and play a few rounds of my favorite games while I watch the news.

2. Are you the kind of
person that wants things more as soon as you know you can't have it?

My first thought in response to this question was about material things and I would say no, I'm not really a person who sits around wishing for frivilous things.  My second thought though is about moving closer to family, which I desarately want, but will require us finding a new job for my husband before we can make it happen.  I try to be patient, but the longer time goes on then more and more my heart desires to be closer to family.

3. If you were given $1000 to spend on yourself, what would you buy?
Good question!  I would like to get a new lense or two for my new camera.  I would also buy some things for the house like decorations for my kitchen and dining room, new plates, and a new rocker/glider for the babies room.

4. Do you ever go out to eat by yourself?

I sometimes travel for work and when I do I am often by myself, so yes that is when I go out to eat by myself.

5. What company would you want to do a blog review for?

The sky is the limit on this one right?  I would like to try out a new SUV.  My husband is the car person in our family and he has all the mid-sized SUVs analyzed and has our next one picked out, and I think it's a Honda.  So I would review a Honda in return for a brand new one of my own, LOL!

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