Monday, October 24, 2011

Was that park in Texas?

I took Austin to the park this morning to spend time together for our Mommy-Son Monday. We had a great morning there and it was perfect weather, just about 70 degrees, so nice.

When we first arrived there was a group of mommies there with a bunch of kids ranging in age from baby to about 11. This has been pretty typical lately, having these mom groups. It drives me crazy because theses women are so lazy they just sit there and ignore/neglect the kids while the gibby-gab. The first thing that bugged me today was Austin wanted to swing and there was a boy who was about 4-5 there and he was being a little snotty to Austin. At first they were swinging on the the two regular swings and he commented that he didn't think Austin was old enough for that swing. Then he went to the baby swings and was playing with one. Austin wanted to follow him over so we went over and the bratty kid grabbed both swings and told him he couldn't play with one. I stepped in and told him that he could use one, but had to share the second one. Then when Austin was swinging the kid started pushing the other swing all sideways and out of control. It never hit Austin, but it was bugging the crap out of me.

Then later Austin was playing on the main play feature and there was a group of the kids over by the picnic pavilion. I heard and older girl call out "Mom, Lexi is naked" I looked over and there was this tiny little 1-2 year old walking down to the playground without a stitch of clothing. Does the Mom get up and go get her clothes? Of course not, she yells at the older girl to go find her clothes. Eventually the older girl brings the shorts to the little girl and she fiddles around with them for a while, but can't get them on. She takes them to the group of women, and at first I though it was her mom, but later I learned it was not, but at any rate she didn't even help her put them on. The little girl roamed aroud naked for maybe another 10-15 minutes until they were all ready to leave the park at which time the real mom finally put the pants on her, but she still left the park topless. Maybe it's because I am Catholic and was raised conservatively, but I don't think it's approriate to let your child run around the park naked, there are too many freaks in our society.

Then they all left and we had the park to ourselves for a while. Austin was really having a blast today and was really playing hard. He went down the curly slide about 12 times I think. I also took off his shoes and socks and he mastered climbing up the slide all the way to the top by himself!

Then another family of three kids showed up and there was the sweetest little boy who was maybe 3 and he and Austin just took to each other and were having a blast together. I was impressed because the first time up the ladder he was right on Austin and being impatient. I asked him to give Austin space and he was very polite and honored my request, very unlike the rest of the local kids we have encountered there. Then he told me he was not from here, but visiting his Grandma, then it made sense why he actually had manners!

He picked up on me calling Austin by his name and he started calling him Austin too, so I asked what his name was and he said it was Houston. So that is the Texas reference in my title, I was at the park with Austin and Houston. They played together for quite a while, then they walked to the restrooms and Austin wanted a drink so we went over by there too. Then Houston wanted to go along this one particular sidewalk because they have dinosaur tracks and fossil impressions for the kids. Austin followed them and all the kids enjoyed finding the impressions and pretending to be dinosaurs. Then we split off and got in our car.

We went out to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant and came home for a nap.


  1. We have some of that here, but thus far I haven't seen a naked kiddo. LOL Are these kids home schooled? You said all the way to 11, which is why I ask. NOT that I am against homeschooling. Just curious.

  2. There are always some unruly kids at the parks around here too. I always see moms just sitting around talking and not really watching their kids. I am by no means a "hoverer" but I do keep an eye on Colton. We were at the park on Saturday and there was a little boy who was 3 and his mom was not even there. I guess she just dropped him off!!!

  3. That bugs me too, pay attention to your kids parents! You don't have to follow them around but at least be attentive and ready to step in if your child is in need of some direction or assistance.

  4. Oh my goodness kids can be so very annoying! There is the City park behind our house and I am ALWAYS running into bratty children and having to stick up for my younger (smaller) kids. It is amazing to me that parents will sit there ans do nothing - when it is obvious that their child is not being good.... GAH.

  5. Sounds like a great day! That is minus the misbehaved kids and Moms who don't look after their kids. We have the same thing here. I guess there is nowhere one can go and not encounter it.

    I agree with you about the nakedness. I think it's just not appropriate in a public place. In your own backyard is one thing, but at a park unsupervised is just asking for trouble.


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