Wednesday, October 19, 2011

11 and 12= on to sewing/quilting

I finished the embroidery of last two quilt pieces, drum roll please:

The coloration of the photos is pretty wild to me, the top left pumpkin does not have that much thread color variation when you look at it.  I did run out of the darker pinkish orange thread and substituted with the lighter.

Overall Sam style (like Sunbonnet Sue)

The sewing of the sashings has commenced, but I think I will hold off on photos until I have the quilt top done.  I still have not figured out what to do with the back, I could put some of the leftover sashing pieces together, but I might do something totally different too.  At one point I was looking at and found a cool multi-colored gingham, but I did not order it at the time and now I can't find it again. 

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