Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back again - Day 1

We made it home safe and sound from our little anniversary/birthday excursion.  We decided to take our laptop in to have it looked at while we were gone, but they had to send it off for repairs so I am without a home computer for the next couple of weeks.  I will do some blogs about the trip as I have time during my lunch hour.

The trip was fabulous, the weather was awesome!  My only regret is that we didn't take one-two more days so we could spend more time at the beach.  Well, that and that we forgot to have someone take a family photo with all three of us together, oops!  We stayed at a Homewood Suites by Hilton so 1) we would have more privacy and 2) so we could prepare some of our own meals to save $$$.  It worked out so well and think that we will stick with suites in the future for trips. 

 Day 1: Beach and old town San Diego

Saturday was my birthday and we headed to the beach.
We kind of have the Forest Gump head tilt going on

This was a close as I could get him to sit by his name, even then he was scowling at me  

The water was pretty chilly, but Austin loved playing in the sand.  He also loved chasing the pigeons around the beach.  I know that I was tired because at one point we were laying there soaking up the sun and a pigeon walked up and I go "look Austin there is a penguin."  Dustin was half dozing off, but looked up and goes "really, a penguin?"  Oh yeah, I mixed up my "p" birds, but wouldn't have been awesome to see a penguin instead of a pigeon?

That night we went to old town for dinner.  We didn't take the camera, but the restaurant gave out complimentary post cards.  Dustin wanted to take me to a seafood place, but I knew this restaurant was good so we went there instead.  We ordered a whole pitcher of strawberry margarita, so we walked around down there for quite a while which was fun and enjoyed the music of a Mariachi band.  Dustin even got me some roses.

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  1. Looked like you guys got to enjoy some good weather! Cute pictures of you guys! I forget to get family pics all the time. I'm trying to get better at it but us mom's have so much to remember as it is, right!


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