Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More catch up

I knew there were some things I forgot on my last post, not that the list needed to be any longer, LOL.
  • My oldest nephew will be 16 in December and is a sophomore this year.  Even so last weekend he was crowned Homecoming King of his high school.  I am trying to be happy for him, but why did they pick a sophomore for the king?  It just does not seem fair or right to me, and I'm afraid it's setting him up for heartbreak if he does not meet those expectations the next two years of high school.  He's a super cute kid... ok that sounded like an Aunt speaking, he is a hottie-brown eyed, blond and a stud at football, wrestling and track.  On top of his athletic prowess he was in the school's production of Grease last year and plays the saxophone in band, so in touch with the artsy kids too. 
  • We are starting the fishing pond renovation at the reservation where I work.  I landed a $140,000+ grant to re-do the ponds.  We are in the process of draining the current pond and it's down about a foot.  We are having a fishing free-for-all on Friday and people can take all they want so long as they promise to eat it and not waste it.  It is so exciting to make progress on a project that people have been dreaming about since long before I got here.
  • I'm doing so-so on my pigskin pics.  Last week (week 3) I got 7 out of 10 and Dustin got 8.  They didn't call us though so someone must have picked more correctly or beat him on a tie breaker. 


  1. That is crazy that they picked him for homecoming king! But what do you do?

  2. That is neat thought that he was picked {coming from someone that was never popular in school... at-all}. can't wait to see your pond progress.


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