Thursday, October 20, 2011


1. Where do you escape to when you've had enough?

I don't know that I really physically escape anywhere.  I often go on the computer and play stupid mindless games on Facebook and just veg out to relax.  I have to be careful that I don't waste away too much time on there!

2. What shows are you watching this fall?

Of course my #1 show is Survivor, love it!  I am rooting for Jim, but I am wondering if Ozzy will pull if off.

I love my CBS sitcoms: Big Bang Theory, 2.5 Men, How I Met Your Mother, Mike and Molly, and I'm liking the new comedy 2 Broke Girls.  

I am also loving all the football, but does that count as a show?

3. What was the longest road trip you've ever taken and where did you go?

Way back before I could drive my Mom, Sister and I drove from Colorado to West Virginia for my Dad's family reunion.  We usually hold it in Missouri so it's in the middle of the country and everyone has to travel to it, but that year we moved it to West Virginia since that is where my Dad's family came from and a bunch of the older relatives were getting up there in age and could not travel.

My Sister mistakenly told me that I was limited to one bag since we were taking her little Geo Prism.  Being the little smarty that I was back then I took a bunch of old blue jeans and cut them up and fashioned my own gigantic bag for the trip.  Of course she got even with me by making me sit with it the whole trip.

Also while there we got to meet our Uncle's Mother (Uncle by marriage) who was 99 years old at the time and lived to be about 103, I think.  My Sister asked her "Grandma Samples, what is your secret to living such a long life?" and she, who still had a totally sharp mind and could walk under her own will, said in her sweet little old lady voice "girls let me tell you, up until 3 years ago I chawed snuff."  My sister and I looked at each other and without words agreed that "no thanks, we will just die!"

4. Do you plan on taking your kids to Disney World?

I'm thinking not World, but probably Land.  I have been to both and I loved Land, but thought World was way over crowded and hot.  Maybe it was the time of year, but I just had a better experience in Cali and my husband has only been to World and hated it, so he is with me on avoiding Disney World.

5. What is something people would surprised to know about you?

It probably depends on who you ask, but for the purposes of this answer I am going to go with my current co-workers and the community I serve and say that they would be surprised to know that in college I used to be a pretty hard core partyer and binge drinker. I don't drink much at all any more and make it a point to avoid drinking/purchasing alcohol around tribal members since alcoholism is such a problem there.  I think back to those days and wonder how my liver ever survived the punishment I gave it.   


  1. Oh, when I think of college, I just think of all the stupidity drinking gave yes, but filled with a lot of regret. LOL

    I haven't ever been to Disney Land...I need to check into both...I loved Epcot at World, but otherwise we were a little too old for the rest of it.

  2. LOL - your answer about the road trip just made my friday! Have a great weekend.

  3. I like Disney Land better too. I do love FL Universal Studios better than Cali's though...oh how I wish I was rich so I could do it all.

    That's too funny about you making your own bag. Sounds like something I would have done (if I knew how to sew that is)!

    I drank a lot when I was in my early 20's. But I'm like Brandi, a lot of fun but a lot of regret too.


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