Monday, August 29, 2011


It never ceases to amaze me when I watch my little man transform from a baby to boy. There really is not anything baby about him other than that I put him in a diaper at night, and for the last two days he has awakened dry so that will be short lived.

Until now he has always been a total Mama's boy, but more and more I see him wanting to be with and like Dad.  Today was our Mommy Monday and all day he kept asking was "where Dad?", "where Daddy?", "where Papa? (Grandpa Steve who visited last weekend)", "where Dad".  This weekend we went shopping in the big city and went to the Home Depot to get supplies to replace the gutters on our house.  He was so eager to get right in there with Dad and pick the stuff out.  After putting back several things he grabbed and threw in the cart I suggested that he help Dad, so Dustin would pick out the parts he needed and hand them to Austin who would go and put them in the cart.  When we checked out Austin climbed up on the side of the cart and handed the parts to the checker guy.  Last week Dustin cut up his forearm on some barbed wire and we have been bandaging it, so of course Austin has been all about having a band aid, or bandage on his arm too.  Tonight he even got a hold of a pen and drew scratch lines down his arms like Dad's scratches.

He is speaking really well now and it is such a blessing for him to be able to communicate exactly what is on his mind.  He is so good at cognitive tasks too, my nieces and nephew gave him a hand held video game when they were here a few weeks ago and I noticed he was playing a Memory game on there and able to clear a 16 square puzzle.  We bought him a real Memory game this weekend and he totally loves it, other than he doesn't have the whole concept of taking turns with other people.  He loves to match the cards and really does have a phenomenal memory for such a young age.  I have also been going through his toys and clearing out the ones he no longer is interested in and as I was digging through the stuffed animals he spotted his Scout dog that has been buried for a while now.  He has been playing with it all weekend, and the great thing about it is you can plug it into your computer and enter in the child's name, then Scout says their name and sings songs that incorporate it and the spelling.  Austin has totally been spelling his name all weekend.  It's also encouraging him to practice pronouncing "Austin" since he seems to struggle with the s-t transition.  He says it more like "Ausin", but it has been improving all weekend.


  1. that's cool that he is talking more! :) I love it most of the time that Marlee can talk to me, although the sassiness isn't always welcomed. LOL

    I was thinking about getting Marlee a memory game. I just haven't yet. We do have candy land and a johny appleseed game, but we haven't started playing them much.

  2. How cute that he loves being like his daddy. I can't wait for that with my boys!

    Devon loves memory, too. She calls it "matching game". I was thinking about getting her a little hand held game system for her birthday/Christmas this year. What one does Austin have?

    That's really neat that he can spell his name, how smart!! Devon says hers "Debin" and she spells her name D-E-O-N so we're working on that!


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