Saturday, August 13, 2011


Oh man this has been a miserable week for me.  I have been really sick with what seems to be just a nasty summer cold.  I think Austin had it two weeks ago and we thought it was allergies, but now we know he was sicker than we thought.  I ended up taking three days off of work this week, which usually I only take one if even that.  I worked on Tuesday, but when I got home I crashed fast.  I had the chills and then developed a mild fever.  I have had laryngitis, coughing and runny nose.  Today I still have the cough and runny nose, but my voice is back and my energy levels are returning to normal.  I had plenty of time to blog all week, but nothing going on to talk about really, and it would have all probably had a negative tone, so I just chose not too. 

Here is a quick list of what is going on with me:
  • We listed our house with a realtor.  We haven't gotten a new job yet, but the housing market around here is slow even in good economic times so we thought it would be wise to go ahead and list it now and move into a rental here if we do sell it instead of getting a job, moving into a rental there and having to maintain this house until we sell it.  Cross your fingers for us that we get a buyer! 
  • My father-in-law might be coming for a visit next week.  The town to the north of us has a festival to commemorate all the old western movies that were filmed around here, then on the weekend the tribe I work for is hosting their annual powwow.  It's like a total cowboys and Indians week which he loves. 
  • Yesterday Austin started calling me "Mommy".  Until now it has always been some other form like "Ma", "Mom", or "Mama", but yesterday he added the "ee" to the end. 
  • My brother brought us a huge bag of clothes that my nephew out-grew.  We now have a ton of clothes when he gets to size 4.  There were also a lot of shoes and even a pair of super cute cowboy boots when he gets to size 10. 

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  1. Hey girl! I hope you start feeling better soon! That stinks that you have been so sick!

    Still praying you guys get the job here!!!


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