Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Family visit

My Aunt Sue came into town this weekend with her husband, Uncle Vick, granddaughters Kelly and Kimmy and Uncle Vick's brother Bob and his wife Joan.  They have a motorhome and go touring during the summer, then return home during the school year where they drive school busses.  They traveled to Colorado in July for my cousin's wedding, then passed through here to see the National Parks.  We went to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon on Sunday. We had great weather and they enjoyed hiking.

Here is the group except for Dustin and Austin who were in the truck for Austin's nap

Austin wasn't cooperating with the photo

Monday we went to Pipe Spring National Monument and went to Hilldale, Utah where we ate lunch at the Merry Wives Cafe.  The Merry Wives Cafe is owned and operated by polygamists, so it gave them a view of that culture. 

Here the girls are taking their oath to become Junior Rangers at Pipespring National Monument.
We were supposed to go out to dinner with them last night, but I came down really sick.  I hope that they will not have my illness on the last part of their trip.  They were heading out today to go through Salt Lake City on their way home.

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