Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big Discovery

Austin started teething at three months. The order that his teeth came in were all four bottom inscisors, then the top four inscisors. At Thansksgiving time he started teething his first molar on the bottom left, I think it officially broke skin on about December 4. He was really fussy and acting like he was teething at Christmas time, but we never actually discovered a tooth at that time since we were anticipating the next would be his lower right molar. The week of his birthday that lower right molar finally broke skin so we thought he was up to 10 total teeth.

So Friday night we were giving Austin his bath and when we got done we had him laying on the bed in our office to dry off, lotion, pjs and brush teeth as usual. We were playing with him and during one of his smiling/laughing sessions I caught a glimpse of a point of a tooth on his upper left gum. We pulled back the lip, and only for a second because Austin hates to show off his teeth, and not only did we see that his upper left cuspid is just breaking through the gum, but his upper left molar is already a significant amount out. So now I think that the upper molar was the one causing him the troubles at Christmas time.

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