Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Prayers and Pregnancy Vibes

No, don't get the wrong idea here, we ARE NOT trying to conceive again yet.

I have a Sorority Sister who was in the Sorority at a different time than me, but I've come to know her through our Alumni Chapter, and we have gotten to be good friends. She is currently in her third attempt at IVF. They will be implanting the embryos on Thursday, so my thoughts and hopes are with her this week. Her first IVF was at the time I got pregnant with Austin, so I know this has been a long (and expensive) process for her.

I can't understand why it is that people who would make great parents sometimes can't conceive, and yet we constantly see on the news the aweful stories of child abuse from people who clearly should not have children. Right now on the news they are talking about Baby Gabriel, and new evidence that the mother may have overdosed him, how SICK! It's one of those great unjustices in this world.

So today I pray that those who desire to love and nuture a child be as blessed as Dustin and I, and that whereever Baby Gabe is, that he is found so those that love him will be able to have closure and peace, and preferably that he is found alive and well.

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  1. They are in my prayers! I haven't heard about Baby Gabe...but the little bit I just read, I don't want to hear any more!


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