Monday, January 18, 2010

Birthday Week

Wow, my baby boy will be 1 on Friday!!!

I am so excited, can you tell?

The party planning is going well, we picked up some great stuff while we were in Grand Junction for a work trip. We got a combination of blue first birthday decor and some Sesame Street stuff, just enough to make the theme, but not total over-kill. Not too many people have RSVPed yet, but I'm not too worried about it.

I found out tonight that my sister Cathy will be coming for the party. She will fly in on Austin's birthday and be here Saturday for the party. My Mom is already here, so I'm excited that they will both be here to share in the fun.

Since my sister is coming in we need to pick her up in St. George, so since we are going to be in "the big city" I can pick up all the rest of the supplies at Wally World, or Albertson's, so I'm way excited about saving all that cash!

So Austin is on the go these days. He took his first step on Christmas Day and three steps the next day. But like all of his other milestones, he has decided to take a break from the whole walking thing for now so he is back to racing through the house on all fours. He also loves to race behind his new cool John Deere tractor that Santa gave him. Yesterday the weather was awesome so we walked to the park and he swung, went on the curly slide with Dad, and bounced on the horsees. I just love his smiles and his giggles melt my heart.

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  1. So cute! I really wish we could get together, so we could get some pictures of the two of them! Is Austin going to be a CSU ulum or a UW alum? :)


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