Friday, January 22, 2010

Aloha Friday

Today is my son's FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!

My question is:

When is your birthday, month and day?

I remember once I heard that if you have a certain size group of people that odds are that two people will have the same birthday, but I can't remember what the group size is. Let's see today if anyone that responds to my Aloha Friday has the same birthday.

My birthday is October 8.

Some interesting things about my birthday:

  • I was born on my brother's 19th birthday (long story about the age gap, for another blog).
  • One of my good friends in school (my graduating class was 122) was born the same day, same year.
  • In 4-H one of my extension agents had the same birthday as me.
  • The last President of my sororoity collegiate chapter has the same birthday as me. Our Chapter was founded in 1991, so there should be about 19 Presidents, of which at least two of us have the same birthday.
  • In the Tribe I work for there is at least one tribal member with the same birthday. The Tribe has about 280 enrolled tribal members.

Play along with Aloha Friday at An Island Life. All you have to do is post a simple question on your blog, leave the link at An Island Life and then visit others to answer their questions. It's a fun was to make new bloggy friends!


  1. Happy Birthday to your baby. November 4th.

  2. My birthday is June 17 and I rarely meet people who share my birthday!

  3. HI! Happy Birthday to your little guy!!! so sweet!! My b/D is May 11!!


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