Thursday, May 3, 2012

Survivor Tribal Council

I don't talk about it a whole lot here, but my favorite TV show is Survivor.  I missed the whole first season, but happened to be at one of my older brother's house when they were watching the finale and it intrigued me.  I watched the second season in Australia and enjoyed it.  From Season 3-5 though I thought the casting and locations were dull, so lost touch with it until Season 6 when it was Amazon men vs. ladies.  From then on I have watched every season and they are now on Season 24 Survivor One World where it again started with the premise of men vs. ladies, but this time they started out on one beach instead of separate camps like every other season.

In case you don't watch the basic premise is they take a cast of contestants out to a remote, foreign location and dump them off into tribes.  Most of the time there are two tribes, but at least once they started with three.  The tribes compete against each other and the losing tribe has to vote someone out.  At some point when they get the numbers dwindled down they merge the tribes and it becomes an individual contest for the remaining contestants.  While they do have to rough it (some cases you could barely call it that) in the outdoors, the game is very little about basic outdoor survival, and more about social dynamics and strategy.  Every season they throw in little tweaks and twists to keep it interesting.  When it comes to the final two or three they have a final Tribal Council where a jury of the last 7-9 players to be voted out decide the winner of $1,000,000.

So I have seen a lot of Survivor now and definitely have my favorite moments, have had seasons I loved and hated, and have my favorite cast members. 

The Tribal Council last night was priceless, and was one of my favorite Tribal Councils ever, definitely top 3.  I love it when they shake things up and blindside one of the players.

So basically like I said this season they did a men vs. women format to begin with.  At first the ladies were pretty sad and pathetic and the men took control of the game and seemed to be in charge.  The women however hung in and by the merge began to cease control of the game.  Since the merge happened the women have been picking off the guys, so the whole jury so far is men and there is only one guy left in the game itself. 

As of last night the contestants included:
  • Greg "Tarzan"- an old man, formerly a Plastic Surgeon, who has snuck in by allowing his vote to be used by the ladies.
  • Kim, a Bridal Shop Owner, the mastermind who is poised to win the game.
  • Chelsea, in Medical Sales, who is also strong and may be a final contender.
  • Alicia, a Special Ed Teacher, who is blunt and rude and surprisingly full of herself.  (Let me tell you, if I had a kid in her class, I would have them removed after seeing her play this game!)
  • Kat, a Time Share Rep, who is naive and boasts way too much, she wears her heart on her sleeve, er, make that shoulder since they are always bikini clad.
  • Sabrina, a High School Teacher, who they elude to as being a contender, but don't actually show her maneuvering or trying to strategize very much.
  • Christina, a Career Consultant, who is riding coattails and has done very little to actually help herself make it as far as she has.
All the women left are aged 20 somethings, and all of them are in great shape and very attractive.

Last night the episode was all about Kat.  Last week she was all intent that if she or Kim won the reward challenge that they would take each other.  When Kim pulled of the victory she bailed on Kat, who seemed so devastated at the time.  However this week Kat won and her first pick to accompany her was Kim.  She went on and on about her win and how she couldn't wait to go and get drunk with her buddies Kim and Alicia.  Meanwhile at camp of course the rest of the contestants were fuming and hashed out the plan to ouster Kat.  When the rewardees returned Kim wanted to go for Sabrina, but Chelsea convinced her to go with Kat since the other four were voting that way. 

At Tribal Council host Jeff Probst interviews the contestants to get their thoughts about happenings in the game before they vote.  Pretty much through the whole interview they were all bagging on Kat, but she was still oblivious to the fact that they were going to gun her down since she thought she was in tight with Kim and that they were voting out Sabrina.  Her final words were this:

"If it is going to be a blindside, it's going to be pretty funny and, like, exciting," she giggled,  "Blindsides are always fun and exciting!"

So was she still giggling after Jeff snuffed her torch seeing how her blindside was funny and exciting?  No of course not, she actually walked off bawling like a baby, it was classic!

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  1. Sounds like a great tribal council. I stopped watching many years ago because it the timing of the show didn't work with our schedule (prior to us having a PVR). Maybe next season I'll get into it again...


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