Friday, May 11, 2012

27 weeks

My bump has really been expanding lately and I am really feeling pregnant now.  Baby girl is very active and I feel her the most on my right side.  These could really be a long 3 months, but hopefully it won't be too hot and miserable.

Here I am at 14 weeks and here I am at 21 weeks.

My physical therapy session have been going good and have been really helping.  I haven't had the intense stabbing pain that I had before.  It still will get stiff and sore if I sit too long, but it's definitely manageable now.


  1. That's a sweet little bump you have going on there:)

  2. You look fantastic and that is a beautiful baby bump! :)

  3. You look great! Such a cute baby bump!! Glad your physical therapy is helping. :)

  4. Looking great! I so love the baby bump! It won't be too long before your beautiful little girl will be in your arms. Glad to hear you're doing well...

    By the way, whenever you feel you have the energy you should try Austin at night without the Pull-Ups. I am sure he will surprise you. I found that N became more consistent once he knew he didn't have them on anymore. Good luck!

  5. Wow I come back and I see you have a little one on the way.. I am so happy for you.. I will be back to blogging at a slow pace.. Congrats.. You look amazing..


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