Friday, January 27, 2012

Austin 3.0

I did a post like this when Austin was 2 and a half so I thought I would do another.  I know I'm a few days late, but for the record here is a snapshot of what Austin is up too:
  • He is such an active kid and always on the go unless he is asleep.  He LOVES physical activity and playing outdoors.  We had to ban playing our Wii boxing game because he was so into it that he wanted to "boom, boom" everyone in sight.  
  • He has completely mastered talking, it's like he went from saying not much of anything to speaking in sentences.  I think I remember reading that Albert Einstein did that, so maybe that is a good sign.  
  • Sometimes he says funny things. I of course am not going to remember every one, but 
    • he always says "Love you too Mom" or "Love you too Dad" even if we haven't said it first.  
    • He got a tricycle for Christmas, but he says "I'm gonna go ride my bike."
    • All fish are "Nemo" and Lightning McQueen is "Cars."
  • He is into emotions, mostly happy and sad.  He will say "you happy Mommy?"  Sometimes he will tell me what to be and go back and forth wanting me to smile then frown, smile then frown.  Lately too when we are disciplining him and using a stern voice he will innocently say "Be happy Mommy" or "Be happy Daddy."
  • He is 100% daytime potty trained and has been so since early September.  He is dry most nights, but since I am a slacker and he is still in the crib we still put him in a pullup.  I think once we get him in a bed he will be 100% potty trained all the time.
  • He still loves to read and will be set on a certain book for a period of time.  We always read before nap and bed and he will have his certain book that he has to read every night for weeks to months.  He will read others too, but there is always the one.  At least I get good with my memorization and can usually recite the book by the time he moves on to his next favorite.
  • For sleeping he still has his ducks- Lovee, Ming, Ming and Trey.  Last night when I went to tuck him in he grabbed two of the ducks and looks at me and says "where's another one?"  Yes, he has to have all three!  He also sleeps with three penguins- Bo Penguin, Coke, and Buca.  He has one pound kitty that was Dustin's as a kid, and the doggie Dustin gave him in the hospital. Lately he has wanted his Scout Dog to stand guard at the end of his bed.  And he has a mini-dog pillow pet.
  • He sings now and it's very cute.  He is great at singing the alphabet song.  I would like to say that I think his favorite song is a kiddy song, but honestly it is Soungarden's "Spoonman".  He always asks Daddy to play the video on the computer and any time we play Rock Band he wants "Spoonman."  He sings parts of it too which is way fun.  He has two Spiderman stocking caps and for a while he would ask for his "spoonman hat."  He loves Raffi music and will sing along to some of those songs, with his favorite being "bathtime." 
  • He can count to about 14 now without any help and counts everything.
  • He still loves to play puzzles and got several for his birthday.  He does about 20-25 piece puzzles with help.  He loves his power wheels and does a good job at maneuvering them.  He is loving his Leapster2 that Uncle Doug's kids passed along to him.  He has an I Spy Treasure game and he got a Go Diego Go Adventure game for his birthday.
  • He is not much a milk drinker, which drives me crazy.  Everyone in my family are huge milk drinkers, so it baffles me how he doesn't love it too.  At least he likes yogurt and cheese, and we give him a gummy calcium supplement just in case.
  • He is wearing size 3T-4T shirts and 3T pants.  Size 9 for shoes, but I think moving to 10 soon.


  1. I wish we were living closer! I bet they would have so much fun together! :)

    He sounds so cute!

  2. Sounds like he's an amazing 2 1/2 year old! You're obviously doing a great job!

  3. this is a great way to see how your little one has changed.. Thanks for sharing..


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