Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Photo shoot with my new camera

I got a new Canon T3i for Christmas and on Sunday we headed to Zion National Park to test it out.
ZionPhotoShoot 002b
ZionPhotoShoot 070b
ZionPhotoShoot 107b
ZionPhotoShoot 171bZionPhotoShoot 124b
ZionPhotoShoot 186b
ZionPhotoShoot 203b
ZionPhotoShoot 215b
ZionPhotoShoot 233b
ZionPhotoShoot 250b
ZionPhotoShoot 251b
ZionPhotoShoot 271b
ZionPhotoShoot 331b
What a fun camera!  I have just hit the tip of the iceberg on how to use it and need to learn a lot more.  It has so many sophisticated features.  So far my favorite is the multiple shot features.  When you are snapping photos you can hold down the shutter button and it will fire multiple pictures until you release the button.  It also has a timed multiple feature where you can set it, have a 10 second timer, and then it shoots a series of up to 10 photos.  Both ways it really helps you catch that second of a perfect smile or expression.  It also has a super fast response time when you hit the button which is such an improvement over my last camera. 
ZionPhotoShoot 305b
While we were there we saw two cool interactions with nature.  The first I did not get a picture of as there were desert big horn sheep walking along the road as we drove into Zion.  While on our hike we watched these deer pictured above.  The first one walked up to the river and I said “oh look, she is going to take a drink” and then she proceeded to walk straight into the water and across the river followed by the other two. 


  1. Those are such fun pictures. I once saw a big horn sheep climbing the side of a mountain when we were hiking in Zion. So cool.

  2. These are such great photo's. Austin looks so grown up!

  3. He is getting so BIG!!! I love the shots:) Great job with the new camera. I have t1i that I love.


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