Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Quilt is Done!

I finished up Austin's quilt last week.  It is so nice to have that finished after working on it for soooo long!
I put it on one of our full sized beds, so as you can see it's going to be big on a twin, and about right to a little small for a full.  I'm not sure why the batting I bought that said it was "twin" sized was so big, I even cut several inches off the sides.
For the back I chose red handkerchiefs.  Since the front was all earthy tones I wanted something bright, yet masculine.   It was a tiny bit short so I sewed on a 4" band of the brown which is also the binding fabric.  The hand binding took forever, it's such a boring phase of the process.

The label


  1. Looks great! You obviously have far more talent and patience than I. I am sure he will love it!

  2. wow that is amazing.. I wish I could do that.. I am not some one with that kind of talent..

  3. Wow, that's awesome and what a great accomplishment!


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